Gmail as a note taking application

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 19-Apr-2006 17:59

Google has recently added a calendar to its lineup, which is shoiwing great promise, especially with ical support.

But what about taking notes and having a scratchpad?

Well, after some deep thought, I came up with a great idea.

Then I Googled that idea, and found that many people had also discovered my idea, in some cases beating me by around two entire years. Oh well.

So what I thought i discovered was that you can write a draft email, which gets autosaved now and again, and just like that you have fully searchable note in its own folder... called drafts.

There are many variations on this idea, using labels and filters to get smart with the concept, but i am on a quest to simplify my life, and make technology work for me... so plain ol saved drafts is just peachy for now.

I hope Google adds a purpose built solution soon, if its anything like Gmail and Calendar, it will be perfect for me.

This was posted from a TNZ Harrier with impossibly small keys.

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Comment by jonah, on 21-Apr-2006 20:41

who wants A GMAIL acount?

contact whit ne



Comment by marcos, on 18-Aug-2006 09:11

hello, do you have an invitation to a gmail account ?

Thank you

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 18-Aug-2006 11:09

invitations are no longer required, please visit and sign up.

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