Telecom New Zealand Lowers WAP Charges By 80%

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 3-Sep-2007 18:07

In an announcement today about accessing WAP email, Telecom also made an unheralded comment about reducing charges for 'off net WAP data'.

Previously the charge was 5c per kilobyte of data transferred whilst using any WAP based service outside of the Telecom 'walled garden', but this has today been lowered to 1c per kilobyte - a massive 80% reduction in the cost of off net browsing, and opening the door to more use of services such as MSN for CDMA phones, or general internet browsing.

The previous price worked out to around $50,000.00 per gigabyte, but Telecom are now charging a fifth of that price. Still expensive for sure, but for small-dose usage in the mere few-kilobyte range, is now a much more attractive prospect.

I would still like to see the price come down further (in fact I would rather see WAP data charged at CDMA data rates of $8 per meg casual usage, or included in a data plan).

But for now, well done Telecom for taking this positive step in reducing its price.

I wonder if sites like the Geekzone forums have an influence on these decisions?

With more realistic rates, Telecom can expect to see an increase in usage, that should go some way to offset the direct loss in revenue from lowering the rates. This is of course if consumer resistance against using WAP due to price isn't already so deeply ingrained, that some are beyond the point of no return.

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Comment by MissD, on 3-Sep-2007 19:43

I've complained numerous times after shocking bills - but they were incredibly unhelpful and obstructive, so I just stopped using WAP. I'll start using it again now. But seriously, this is a long time coming.

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 3-Sep-2007 19:49

Yes, it is a very long time coming. I barely used it before, but WAP is great for checking email, the gmail WAP interface is great, and I have a copy of all my domain email forwarded to my gmail account.

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