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By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 13-Sep-2007 21:21

With the addition of to its portfolio of websites, Fairfax's flagship New Zealand site has again hit the ground running with a site sure to own its market immediately.

Despite a number of good quality accommodation sites around, Travelbug offers a very easy to use interface, and in my opinion is just going to instantly dominate the accomodation booking scene in New Zealand, and relegate every other site into minority status.

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Comment by sbiddle, on 13-Sep-2007 21:30

I disagree entirely.

Travelbug lacks the grid based main display that makes the likes of wotif and check-in so popular. If you're looking for accomodation in Wellington for this weekend there is no easy way to view every hotel and compare pricing and availability. To do this requires clicking on every venue.

What could have been a brilliant site hasn't quite got the basics right.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 13-Sep-2007 22:43

Is this extra pointless or am I missing something?

My advice, Use the site to get a pricing idea then pick up the phone and call them saying you saw it on the site..

Saving them from paying the Travelbug commision and keeping the money from Fairfaxes coffers sounds like a good idea to me.

Comment by Nikki, on 14-Sep-2007 08:59

Travelbug doesn't do it fo me. The grid matrix started by Wotif is much more user friendly, and if you want to support a NZ site then use Atleast the NZ coffers fill up, not the Oz coffers (Fairfax & Wotif). I think Ezibed is faster than Wotif, and although they don't have as many accommodation providers they provide better site navigation and I understand from their newsletters that they are going to be providing user feedback also.

Comment by TheBartender, on 14-Sep-2007 11:54

I agree with Tony.

Putting aside what geeks and those in the know may think, that there is better sites with simpler and more user freindly interface, that also offer far more venues to compare and book...trademes travelbug website will prevail for another reason...

Trademe being the most popular website in New Zealand, are going to promote this website/service and direct all thier traffic to this site.

Those who do not use online booking websites/services, not in the know, or not technically minded (being mainstream NZ who use Trademe) will have this service pitched at them through Trademe and it will be all they know and so thats what they will use.

Travelbug does not have to be the best, its just got to work and be supported by Trademe.

Travelbug has an instant audience and dont have to market, its done for them.

The fight was over before it began.

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 14-Sep-2007 15:58

Thanks BarTender - I agree with some very valid points made by other commenters, but in the end, this will just dominate. The incumbent sites may very well hold onto their userbase, or even experience a mild increase as people who havent explored these services before suddenly will - but, their market share ratio is appear to all but disappear, because TravelBug will just instantly be the defacto standard, regardless of whether its the absolute best or not.

Comment by Alf West, on 17-Sep-2007 11:14

TravelBug is a clean site and I have no doubt that Fairfax will enjoy a fair amount of success with this one, if only through leveraging the pull of their existing assets like TradeMe to promote the site. But it's far from perfect at them moment. I checked out listings for my home town - Queenstown. 63 listings... that's not too bad. But hold on, not only does the site use some familiar TM technology, but it suffers from the same geographical naivety as TradeMe. There have been numerous complaints about TM's system of placing traders in odd locations, often a considerable distance from their homes? This new site has inherited exactly the same problem. In amongst the Queenstown listings are multiple offerings from Cromwell and Alexandra. Alex is one and a half hours from here... Cromwell just under an hour. If you'd used the new site to book QT accommodation you stand the chance of being sorely disappointed. When the site launched NBR reported, "At the time of launch, the site does not allow users to book travel tickets, although a link through to online ticketing facilities at House of Travel is provided." So it's been launched before it's fully functional? Shades of Ferritt methinks.

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