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By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 20-Sep-2007 17:46

In the two weeks that the banner above offering advertising on this blog has been displayed, its had 40 clicks, and its not even asking for people to click it! It has also had around 20,000 impressions.

If you are a New Zealand organization (legitimate business or charity or community initiative [web or traditional]), and would like your banner to go up free for a month or so, drop me a line via email. I'll run your ad, and give you an update on how many impressions and clicks it has had, all for no obligation or payment of any kind. You can choose to have geo-targeting to a specific country if you wish.

(And yes, I know it LOOKS like it says pay per 'member', thats just my 60 second powerpoint banner creation getting squashed down to the right size!! I assure you it actually says "pay per C L I C K" !! )

I reserve the right to reject any organisation or banner without explanation.

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