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By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 8-Mar-2006 00:07

I have an XF Falcon ute with lots of modifications under the bonnet (and just some classy stainless Cragars, Wine red metallic paint & a 2 1/2" drop on the outside). I want to get some more information about the power my Ford is putting to the road. A quick trip to FordForums.com.au tells me I probably need a "Dyno run". I dont know much about Dynos (my limited knowledge tells me that can give you a torque/power readout, and tell you the rear wheel kilowatts (rwkw) of your ride). So off I went to Google (Google is my friend), and found this site: http://www.dyno.com.au/faq.htm Which, I quickly discovered, has a FAQ section, which in itself is not overly unusual, but what I did find strange was that you cannot download any of the faqs. You must contact them and request email or fax delivery of a certain faq, and tell them why, and you are specifically disallowed from requesting all their faqs. Very odd... a RAFAQ (Rarely Answered Frequently Asked Questions) ? P.S. I have owned as many Holdens as I have Fords!

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