Vodafone says its giving 1m custs a better deal - by ditching a restrictive condition

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 22-Nov-2007 21:42

Vodafone New Zealand Ltd made this announcement today:

One million Vodafone customers get a better deal

From November 22, more than one million Vodafone Supa Prepay customers will benefit from having up to one year to use their top up credit*.

According to Vodafone General Manager of Products and Services, Kursten Shalfoon, Vodafone has listened to customers and extended the life of top up credit from 90 days to 365 days.

"We've found that many of our Supa Prepay customers prefer to top up in large amounts to take full advantage of what Supa Prepay has to offer including Free Weekends, BestMates, and TXT2000."

"Extending the time that credit can be used means customers can ensure they have enough credit to enjoy the special services only Supa Prepay can provide, but not have to worry about credit expiring after three months," he says.

Supa Prepay was originally launched with 90 days to use top up credits, in line with international trends towards shorter expiry periods – some as low as 30 days.

"Customer feedback was that we should bring back 365 day expiry, so we have," says Shalfoon.

* Vodafone is changing the Supa Prepay balance expiry period to 365 days – the change applies to top ups made on or after 22 November 2007. For terms and conditions and more info visit www.vodafone.co.nz/supaprepay

But yours truly supposes that ditching a restrictive condition, and restoring the status quo that other prepay plans, and indeed the competitors prepaid plans offer (a 365 credit expiry) is not so much a 'better deal' as 'the removal of a bad deal'.
3 months was pretty unreasonable in my opinion, and clearly enough other people share that opinion for big red to revert back.

Quoting 'international trends' of as low as 30 days is a bit invalid - New Zealand isn't in the 'international prepay market' - its in its own local market, a market that for a very long time now has given customers a full year before credit disappears.

Perhaps 'One million Vodafone customers force telco to back down' wasnt as appealing to the marketing dept?

More information

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Comment by sbiddle, on 22-Nov-2007 21:59

They didn't mention that all classic prepay plans are now end of life so you can't buy them or move to them. Too bad if you wanted the cheaper pricing or 1 second rounding with the old plans.

Vodafone are pretty much saying "stuff you" to a large chunk of their customer base.

Comment by grant_k, on 22-Nov-2007 22:29

"They didn't mention that all classic prepay plans are now end of life so you can't buy them or move to them."

Where did you get that info. Steve?

I just checked Voda's web site, and all the instructions about moving from Supa Prepay to Motormouth Prepay are still there.

They do say that you can't sign up on Motormouth Prepay (or any of the Classic Prepay plans) any more, but according to Voda's web site, you can still move between prepay plans with up to 3 changes per 90 days being free.

If you can point me to your source that says otherwise, I would like to know.


Comment by sbiddle, on 22-Nov-2007 22:43

My understanding from today was that all classic plans were end of life (as the website says) and that you can't transfer back to a classic plan. I realise the website doesn't say this and I do stand to be corrected if this isnt the case.

Comment by grant_k, on 22-Nov-2007 23:29

Thanks Steve, I guess we will have to wait and see.

I for one would be very pissed off if Vodafone puts the kybosh on switching to/from the older Prepay plans.

At certain times, it has been handy to switch my wife's Prepay mobile to Supa Prepay so she can have a BestMate (me) set up.  Then a few weeks later, we switch back to Motormouth as the 89c per minute charges start to mount up.

Comment by paradoxsm, on 23-Nov-2007 09:58

I just phoned them to check. got egypt on a really bad voip connection but they were not sure, I see their training is top- notch. not.

Comment by sbiddle, on 23-Nov-2007 10:14

I stand corrected on the Classic prepay Plans - they are still all available for swapping, you just have to start on Supa Prepay.

Comment by BarneyC, on 23-Nov-2007 11:11

Fantastic innovation Vodafone. Why is it that within the telecomm's sector innovation tends to comprise little more than incremental changes to an existing model along with marketing led changes in service bundling for value-based pricing and tariff obfuscation?

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