Dual booting is for wimps

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 28-Apr-2006 11:20

Dual booting is so not the in thing anymore - too many people are doing it, and its just not as Geeky as it once was. Now I boot between the following - XP, Fedora Core 5 (FC5), Mandriva 2006, Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy Badger) & Knoppix 4.0 Live CD

You may ask yourself why all the OSes?
The short answer is that I like to play with them, break them, upgrade them, and just generally learn.

XP Home
Well, my partner knows how to use XP, and she activesyncs her Harrier via bluetooth to install software, and access the internet from the couch. All my hardware works flawlessley with XP. I am much more familiar with all my Win32 applications, and honestly get my work done a lot faster.

Fedora Core 5 Linux
FC is a nice distro, its blazingly fast on my machine, and I have a soft spot for it, have been a Red Hat user since about version 5 (early days). I think within 4 or 5 years, FC5 will be the power users (but not Linux Gurus) desktop system of choice in the Linux community.

Mandriva 2006 Linux
This distribution shows lots of promise as an alternative desktop system for the masses. It assumes less knowledge than Fedora, and looks similar to an XP desktop. Maybe 2 years before I would let my mother or my grandmother loose with it, and not sentence myself to  hard labour as a sysadmin just for them.

Ubuntu 5.10 Linux
Who can go past Ubuntu these days? Linux for the masses, all the fruit, none of the crud. Its small, its fast, its got a sexy boot screen and a comfortable Gnoma based desktop. Good alternative to Mandriva for the slightly more savvy user.

Knoppix 4.0 Live CD Linux
Full featured distro that can be installed to hard drive, or just run off the CD. It rivals anything listed above even while running from CD. Fast boot time, no login procedure, automatic DHCP configuration (i.e. will connect to the net automatically if you have an ethernet roputer), and a default set of applications to die for. You can choose to save configurations to disk or USB thumb drive etc. Perfect for the kids - they can do anything they want to the system, and it will always boot clean the next time. Also very portable, and a handy backup disk to have if your main OSes bites the dust (XP failed to boot for me the other day, and I needed to some work - Knoppix was there for me).

P.S. -  Anyone got a Knoppix 5.0 Live DVD to mail me? Head off to my contact details page if you can help (im having trouble downloading it). I will trade you for any of the above Linux distros, or I can pay it forward.

Current issues preventing me from using Linux as my main OS...

  • for the life of me I cant set up my Epson Picturemate photo printer, or my Brother MFC 210c printer/scanner/fax
  • my logitech quickcam (modern one with mic) isnt working under linux
  • my VoIP USB Skype phone is recognised, and the earpeice works, but not the mic
  • im an avid itunes / ipod fan FOR GODS SAKE APPLE - PORT ITUNES TO A LINUX VERSION!!
I have spent a lot of time on the above problems, and my Brother printer is supported, but CUPS is a bitch. Really.
I dont feel like splashing out on new hardware to support my Linux addiction. I will instead have to wait for Linux to catch up with me.

Windows may be a tad flaky at times, but all in all its actually a great product. It was only $149NZD  and I woulod gladly pay someone for Linux if it supported (my) hardware nearly as well as XP does. A lot of this blame lies with manufacturers not commissioning Linux drivers,or at least open sourcing some code to allow the community to do it for them.

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Comment by juha, on 30-Apr-2006 10:14

I'm quite partial to SuSE 10... and don't forget FreeBSD on the desktop (e.g. http://www.desktopbsd.net/) because, well, it's *BSD, innit? :)

Comment by Matthew Dawkins, on 2-May-2006 04:37

>> my logitech quickcam (modern one with mic) isnt working under linux Have you tried the spca5xx drivers. I have gotten several webcams working with those drivers. Two live distros that already come with the driver installed was PCLinuxOS and mepis. I found it easier to test with PCLOS because it comes default with gnomemeeting. I also compiled and installed kopete 0.12 beta version and did some webcam/IMing online.

Comment by Bob Lavallee, on 17-May-2006 15:18

www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=105703 Check it out. If you haven't been using your MFC210C in Ubuntu Linux yet, why not? ;-) Google "Ubuntu MFC210C" and, if the forum is down, check what they've cached. The forum is very, very helpful for this seasoned XP Pro user. That's why I created this tutorial: to say "thanks".

Comment by Jake, on 1-Oct-2006 03:31

You know, you ought to check out amaroK. It is vastly superior to iTunes.

Comment by Sam DeRenzis, on 31-Dec-2006 10:56

Linux is going to die a quick death once Vista is released, die scum! So will BSD

Comment by ericka, on 22-Apr-2007 16:51

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