How to set up a WorldxChange VFX trunk in Trixbox 2.2

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 30-Nov-2007 23:42

This is a guide to getting your VFX SIP line working in your already-configured Trixbox 2.2 system.

This is a link to the full Trixbox from-scratch install guide

It will work equally well in Elastix 0.9 and Trixbox 2.0, and FreePBX. (Though some menu items will be different, but you should know your way around).

This will make your VFX provisioned device stop working. You can have the provisioned device, or Asterisk, but not both at same time.
Call VFX customer service and ask for your VFX line to be converted to the Asterisk platform.
Get your UserID, AuthID & Password ready (new details that WxC provide when they do the switch for you).
Login as root to your console
Run vi /etc/hosts (there is a space after vi)
Move cursor to end of last line and press 'o' to create a new line (this is NOT your average notepad)
Move cursor to new line and type '' without quotes
Press ESC
Type ':w' then press enter, then type ':q' and enter (no quotes)
Run 'service network restart' (no quotes)
Login to your Trixbox web GUI and add a SIP trunk
Outbound caller ID: 09xxxxxxx
Tick Never Override CallerID
Maximum channels: 2 (VFX Trunk will allow 2 simulataneous calls - no more busy tone!)
Trunk name: VFX

PEER details:


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Comment by Simon, on 1-Jan-2009 19:45

Dear Tony, You efforts are very useful for new user. Its very easy to install and configure trixbox. We can make it more easy buy putting screen shots and also put video on I can do for you if you give me a permission. Can you send me the complete guide. We have not find complete guide on the net. Link is currently down. Wish you best of luck. Simon from Karachi - Pakistan (ASIA)

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