Elastix 0.9 vs. Trixbox 2.2

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 1-Dec-2007 10:52

Whilst troubleshooting some Asterisk issues with Trixbox, I decided to install a different Asterisk pre-made appliance package to evaluate the competition out there (and to see if my bug showed up in it).

Elastix 0.9 was a quick download (Im on Go Large, and using Leechget download manager, came in at a steady 350Kbps), I burned the .iso to CD, and trashed my Trixbox with it.

It, like Trixbox, is based on CentOS, in fact so many people apparently think Elastix is a fork of Trixbox, that the Elastix crew specifically address this issue on their website...

So whats the attraction with Elastix? Well, it comes with all the common modules pre-installed, and the Web GUI is a lot more integrated and consistent than Trixboxes is. There are also some packages and functionality that Trixbox doesn't offer through its GUI, like hosting email domains, and a Jabber server.

Overall it LOOKS cleaner, more polished, better thought out, and just plain 'easier', but like everything, the devil is in the detail.

There seem to be minor issues in routing and call plans, with inbound routes that work perfectly in Trix, not behaving in Elastix. Although its really polished on top, it doesn't seem as rock solid underneath the hood.

If it werent for some minor issues, and the fact that I want to get my IP PBX "just working" over summer, and not touch it for a while. then I might have persevered with Elastix. I will certainly monitor its progress closely, and  maybe a 1.0 release will really nail it - its a great looking product.

But for now, its back to the still-pretty-easy-to-use Trixbox 2.2. Which is a pretty solid package.

Check out a Trixbox dummies guide.

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