Google Adsense URL Channels - Very Convenient

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 13-Dec-2007 18:54

I just noticed this morning when updating some details in Google Adsense, that you can create new channels, and simply assign URLs to them. Use the same Adsense ID on all your websites, and Google does all the hard work in splitting the stats and earning details by site.

Not sure how long thats been around, but very cool nonetheless.

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Comment by kinsten, on 14-Dec-2007 09:11

Yea that was a great find for me also.  They even go onto stating that you cannot have more than 1 AdSense account for all your websites, yet they have to review your first website in order to get AdSense?!

I use the channels for telling me which ads on the website are most popular.  ie, [Website]LeftSkyscraper, [Website]TopTextAds.....

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