Telecom 3.5Mbps ADSL averages less than 2.5Mbps

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 1-May-2006 14:03

After an informal survey of members (initiated by GZ member 'Aloha'), I have collated all the data on the forum into a spreadsheet, including dates times rated speed up/down and actual speed up/down.

Its not very scientific, but the results are interesting nonetheless.

I found upload speeds to be pretty constant (and good), except for 512k upload plans that had far too small a sample, and some wildly different results.

256K and 1024k download plans were also under represented, although their results pretty consistently showed that they were getting pretty much the speed they paid for (especially the 256kbps plans)

Non ADSL connections have been excluded because their number of samples per connection type was too low to produce meaningful averages.

Full rate ADSL connections have been excluded because they have little bearing on the topic of speed-limited plans (other than to show the possible unconstrained download speeds - top speed measured was 6.3Mbps)

Any super-odd results that didnt have explanations have also been deleted.

  • 2Mbps ADSL average download speed was 1540kbps (14 samples)
  • 3.5Mbps ADSL average download speed was 2467kbps (26 samples)

If I remove some obvious very low congested results, the results for 2Mbps get very close to 1800kbps average.

Soooooooo... if you get sub-standard broadband (256K) you will get full speed promised. Each step up the chain though, yields slightly less average-compared-to-max-throughput than the plan before. So by the time you get up the all singing, all dancing 3.5Mps, you are merely getting less than 512kbps more speed that what you were promised when on 2Mbps a month ago.

Not good enough... I dont give a rats arse that its a best effort service. They are advertising 3.5Mbps, and just not consistently delivering it.

If they can consistently deliver only 2.4Mps, then why oh why dont they advertise the plans as 2.4Mbps?

You can download a spreadsheet containing all the results (and maybe some omissions or errors, or even some fundamental flaws) here

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Comment by nathan, on 1-May-2006 23:26

seems a strange use of the word best. You'd think their lawyers wouldn't let them use the work best in this context, something like "commercially reasonable" sounds more palatabler Best effort would have Teresa come around and wire up the house with Fibre

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