Sony Ericsson Launches Cyber-shot Phone

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 8-Mar-2006 08:14

Sony Ericsson has announced the upcoming launch of its first phone to be branded with the Cyber-shot moniker. 3.2MP and autofocus. Yes - autofocus, now we are starting to get serious about camera phones. To all those people who say "I dont want a cameras phone, if I want a photo i'll use a real proper digital camera", well folks - this is a real proper digital camera. It will have the same image quality for your holiday snaps at 6"x4", with the same sharpness and correct brightness as your Cybershot you bought last year at duty-free for $485 (by the way, most cameras are cheaper in stores in New Zealand on special than in duty free). I do know a large number of people who after have a camera as their primary concern when buying cellphones for a couple of years, have since 'upgraded' to models without cameras, citing the fact that they dont use them much, and I must admit that the 0.3MP unit on my ageing badly Nokia 6255 gets very little use, and I have considered buying the smallest phone I can find regardless of whether it has a camera or not. 3.2MP might sway me though - I use my "real digital camera" (a Sony DSC-T5) a LOT, but could almost completely replace it with the Sony Cyber Shot phone. I did own a DSC-T7 (which has itself been replaced), but got very annoyed with having to remove the battery to charge in the seperate battery charger. The T5 was hard to find, having gone end-of-life, but comes with a charging/docking cradle - very handy.

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