They say diamonds are a girls best friend...

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 25-Dec-2007 13:46

... and this morning when my long-suffering partner of six years, Leisa, opened this up, her eyes lit up even brighter than the ring she was looking at, and she got a complete surprise as I proposed to her out of the blue (This was not discussed, and she had NO idea it was coming).

She said yes by the way! Laughing

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Comment by TheBartender, on 25-Dec-2007 15:26

What a fantastic chrissie pressie.


Comment by rscole86, on 25-Dec-2007 15:28

Congratulations Tony!!

Comment by freitasm, on 25-Dec-2007 16:01

Congratulations Tony and Leisa!

Comment by sarg, on 25-Dec-2007 18:03

congratulations guys  Excellent!

Comment by sbiddle, on 25-Dec-2007 18:29

Must have been a tough choice. Boost kit for the Holden or a diamond ring? :-)

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 26-Dec-2007 18:19

I coulda got a couple of hundred or so rwhp for that money :-(

Comment by psychrn, on 26-Dec-2007 21:06

Well done Tony
Now it didnt take too much dutch courage did it?????
Gee Whize must be your turn for a big shout????
have to plan this for the neext Geekzone event??!!

Comment by stevonz, on 27-Dec-2007 07:22

Good on ya mate... welcome... erm.. to the club!

Comment by inane, on 27-Dec-2007 09:07


Comment by Wob, on 27-Dec-2007 09:35

Well done Tony, congratulations!!

Nice rock too!!?!

Comment by kinsten, on 27-Dec-2007 13:21

Congratulations Tony!!
Way to take a leap, and all the best.

Comment by stu28, on 30-Dec-2007 22:36

Congratulations Tony!! :)

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