DSL shaping

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 3-May-2006 10:49

I have seen very little discussion of shaping (lowering your speed to 64kbps when you hit your ADSL cap).

This is me today:

Last Result:
Download Speed: 64 kbps (8 KB/sec transfer rate) (normally around 2400kbps)
Upload Speed: 48 kbps (6 KB/sec transfer rate) (normally around 88kbps)

Clearly I have blown my 10GB cap about 3 days early.
Its better than dialup, its usable (if not a little slow) for web browsing. I can even download a file or three if i like, but I can probably forget about another Linux .iso, or can I?

I quick trip to http://www.numion.com/Calculators/Time.html and punching in a figure of 50% overhead, tells me I could download 700MB in 36 hours.

Thats two more CDs of data I can download before I am metered again...
Better than overuse charges.

With this aspect of Telecoms dsl/broadband offering, I am happy.... what about you?

If you dont know much about computers or teh interweb thingi, then perhaps you might not even realise when this happens to you?

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Comment by sbiddle, on 3-May-2006 11:14

I can't understand why Telecom don't offer customers the choice of traffic shaping or extra data bundles where you can buy say an extra traffic allowance (TCL do this with their cable modems). There are many people who don't care if their internet slows down but Telecom are also missing out on the extra revenue from customers when they do go over their caps and would like to continue on at full speed. Or maybe with the slow ADSL speeds now they figure people just won't notice when they have reached their data cap! :-)

Comment by cokemaster, on 3-May-2006 11:56

While I don't really mind being limited down after exceeding my usage, in the past... in my experience when capped to '64kbps' its actually worked out to a lot lower. At the time, Xtra had blamed on Line conditions which I called bs on as we had been able to get near 7mbps on Jetstream games when it was still alive and the full 256kbps on regular ADSL. However going back to the topic at hand, I feel that 64kbps is far too low for a 'capped' speed in comparsion to what our plans are today. I feel that they should raise it but keep it inline with the 256:64 ratio. However on Orcon, we don't get the choice of being capped - we keep on going at full speed... at the tune of $5 per 10gb I think.

Comment by juha, on 3-May-2006 12:58

Last billing cycle, I hit 9.5GB in the eight days the modem was turned on. There was data counted even though the modem was turned off. If you want to have the option of paying more, errm, I mean not being rate-shaped, use one of the 512kbps upstream plans. Hit your cap, and it's 2c/MB. Cheap'n'good.

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 3-May-2006 13:33

It would be nice to have the choice to buy more blocks of data... especially if you decide you want to intentionally blow your cap early in the billing cycle. Add that to the wishlist I suppose (pipedreams anyone?)

Comment by paradoxsm, on 3-May-2006 20:55

Woosh do allow this option, while expensive at leat it's available.

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