Skype to SMS in New Zealand more expensive than existing operators

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 4-May-2006 15:00

Skypes new beta version 2.5 looks good. You can top up your Skypeout credit without firing up a seperate web browser, and among other things, they have added Skype to SMS services.

Unfortunately in New Zealand, it costs more than it does to use a cellphone, so unless you dont have access to a cellphone, the 26c per message charge wont make much sense.

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Comment by Jama, on 4-May-2006 15:16

Pretty hard to beat $10 for 500 texts. You are right 26 cents for a one way service is a bit steep.

Comment by Skip, on 12-Apr-2010 10:11

Ah but can you receive SMS with Skype? I've been using it to send SMS in New Zealand. But no one has yet been able to text me back to my Skype.

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