eeeXubuntu booting great from SDHC on Asus eeePC

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 7-Feb-2008 17:34

I blew away XP on my eeePC and restored the original Xandros - great little OS in Easy Mode with iceWM. I also enabled advanced mode (a full KDE desktop) using (Google it - its a no-brainer quick way to enabled KDE). You can switch back and forth nice and easily.

Also installed eeeXubuntu to a 4GB SDHC card. Instead of using grub or lilo on the SDHC, I have left the eeePC totally stock, and simply press esc at the bios screen, then get a menu choice (c/o the bios) to boot from the internal SSD (Xandros), or the SDHC (eeeXubuntu).

A bit of editing of the grub config file (still had grub on the SDH) to tell it the drive was hd0 (eeeXubuntu expects to installed to the SSD I think), and its all working sweet.

eeeXubuntu takes about 60 seconds to boot - not bad for a 900MHz PC booting totally from a memory card.

General performance once booted is 'good', and on a par with my Sempron 3400+ desktop. (Though getting into a really intensive computing situation would quickly change that).

eeeXubuntu picked up my DHCP server fine, but wouldnt grab DNS from the router - so no internet was working until I manually entered Xtras DNS settings in the network setup.

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