HP privacy blunder - exposes customers to spam

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 19-Feb-2008 22:25

So tonight I am trawling Google looking for information on a new laptop.

Disturbingly I discovered an HP spreadsheet listing clients names, address, phone numbers, browser, referring URL and website queries.

Google has a cache of this document.

How many more customers private details are freely available on the internet like this?

This is the search that yielded that result about halfway down the page,

Very disturbing.

More information

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Comment by paradoxsm, on 19-Feb-2008 22:48

Oh and there is a lot more than that too. MUCH more, over 50 files in fact! I discovered a similar exploit at another major PC manufacturer only recently, Pretty bad.

Comment by chakkaradeep, on 19-Feb-2008 23:24

Does Windows Live lead you there?

Comment by freitasm, on 20-Feb-2008 07:47

@chaks, what Windows Live has to do with this? It is a Google search showing tht private information is located on a public server accessible to all.

Comment by chakkaradeep, on 20-Feb-2008 10:20

@freitasm, I was just kidding in the sense that if Tony had used Live Search,he might not have ended up with a document exposing customer details, lol

Comment by barf, on 20-Feb-2008 10:50

I remember stumbling accross an unsecure HTTP directory, on telecom.co.nz once upon a time... plenty of juicy stuff to say the least.

Comment by kinsten, on 20-Feb-2008 16:04

Hmm, looks like its not working anymore, or is this just me?

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 20-Feb-2008 16:27

HP have been notified, and have taken steps to sort the issue.

Comment by freitasm, on 22-Feb-2008 12:05

I received a phone call from HP and they confirmed that for a period of time some data could be accessed from outside the company's firewall.

They have rectified the situation and are investigating to learn how this happened in first place.

HP says their customers' privacy is taken seriously and they will take steps to make sure this won't happen again.

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