Backup your data folks!

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 20-Feb-2008 19:43

Chain of events (in order of happening, though many months pass between first step and today).

  1. Buy OKTA Touch
  2. Set up to sync with company Exchange Server - all PIM data + emails
  3. Leave company
  4. Decide don't need OKTA
  5. Buy Nokia
  6. Want contacts synced over
  7. Pair OKTA with home PC
  8. A.S. hangs trying to sync with Exchange account (now locked out as I don't work there)
  9. Tell A.S. to not sync any items with Exchange
  10. A.S. "I will delete all your calendar items"
  11. Im like "Great, cause I don't have to go to those meetings, I don't work there any longer."
  12. I click OK.
  13. A.S. stops hanging trying to sync Exchange, and moves on to syncing with PC
  14. A.S. completes this about 0.1 seconds later

Although it explicity told me it would "remove all calendar entries", it mentioned nothing about contacts!!

Now I have no contacts :-(

Friendly sys-admin at old workplace says he can dig out my contacts and put them in a .pst for me.... WOOOHOOO

Could have saved myself by doing a simple PIM backup before I started though - I have the tools installed!!

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Comment by paradoxsm, on 20-Feb-2008 20:06

I did a similar thing a few weeks ago.

I'm now using Contacts from 2007-04-12.
Activesync kept all the names and trashed half the numbers and I have no idea what went wrong. I was rather annoyed and that's exactly when I stopped using the Touch..

Do you happen to know of any free alternatives?

Thank got my Symbian phone can just dump it's internal contacts as industry-standard VCF files to it's memory card.

Comment by n00dy, on 20-Feb-2008 21:03

I am an avid advocate of spb backup, run a full backup at least once a fortnight, especially prior to installing any software. Been a lifesaver more than once.

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