Finally ditching Go Large

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 15-Mar-2008 14:06

With internet become more and more useful in our home, and extra upstream bandwidth required for various things, I have finally decided to ditch my Go Large connection with Xtra, and go on the Pro plan (15GB, fs/fs).

I choose to stay with Xtra only because the bulk of our bill is paid under a staff concession (though I have left Gen-i, my fiance still works there).

Otherwise, due to Xtras general incompetence (especially 1st level helpdesk), I would have moved to Xnet by now, due to the good customer experiences I read about in our Geekzone forums, and the fact that they (Xnet staff) are happy to front up in a forum like this, and take the questions - easy and tough ones, and respond in public. Very open, and very transparent (as much as a telco/isp could be expected to be).

So hopefully for me, its goodbye to massively variable line speeds and download speeds (My sync to the exchange is currently 1.2Mbit, but has been as high as 6.8Mbit or so), and the extra upstream bandwidth should make a difference, as well as not being subject to the whole Go Large poor bandwidth setup they have going on.

I had a big month last month with 25GB usage, but typically I am around the 6 - 8GB mark.

Here goes nothing!

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Comment by cokemaster, on 15-Mar-2008 15:30

Pro plan is 15GB and comes with a free static IP :)

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 15-Mar-2008 16:13

Yeah, I just noticed it was 15GB :-)

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