Really disappointed with MSN experience on Mac

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 21-Mar-2008 23:53

Loving my new Macbook 2.4GHz Penryn Core 45nm laptop.

I have found software that meets my needs for virtually everything, but MSN IM support is a bit of a problem.

The Microsoft application for Mac runs smoothly, looks nice, and is perfect for IM. But it doesn't support the use of webcams at all, not even the one built in to all new Macs that have screens attached (iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro).

aMSN supports webcams, and has nifty features like auto-recording all webcam sessions. But its buggy. It crashes sometimes, freezes often, places a recieved files folder on my desktop persistently (returns after deletion) - I DONT RECIEVE FILES THROUGH MSN!! Did I mention its really ugly. The UI just doesn't fit well with the rest of this very well designed Mac, its OS, and other applications I use.

So, now I use the MS offering for day to day IM, and aMSN on demand for webcam chats.

Yes, I have Skype, and iChat, but not all my contacts have got equivalent capability. So much for a freely connected world!!

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Comment by chakkaradeep, on 22-Mar-2008 00:06

Microsoft MSN Messenger is working great here except that I cant do Video/Audio calls. aMSN hasnt worked at all here - I sign in and it freezes. I removed it. But Microsoft MSN works well. Well yeah Skype is there for the rescue

Comment by Andy Abramson, on 22-Mar-2008 02:25

Tony, When will people come to realize that the Mac versions of many of the Microsoft Apps are poor mans ports. I'm having more fun and stay in touch with colleagues using SightSpeed video, which is dual platform, or even Skype sometimes for those who live only in that world. The experience I get from those apps has pretty much made MSN Messenger irrelevant to me. I don't even boot the thing up. I've also been weening myself off of Entourage and using Google Mail with my backup domain as a test. I'm not losing that much functionality that I had with Eschange, though I do see some issues on the Blackberry that need to be worked out. Bottom line is that over time MSFT will lose users to apps and services that are universal for the MAC.

Comment by numerosiete, on 22-Mar-2008 13:02

Use Adium

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 22-Mar-2008 13:28

If you take the time to actually read what was written, you will see I need webcam support. Adium is no more use to me than Messenger:mac

Comment by muso, on 22-Mar-2008 18:28

Apparently the adium team is working on video chat support, so hopefully it's not too far away. If you're using the microsoft messenger for 'day to day IM' anyway, you'd be better off downloading adium and adding all your IM accounts to it, then firing up aMSN when you need to. Plus, adium is waaaaay prettier.

Comment by muso, on 22-Mar-2008 18:30

PS - file transfers work in adium. And the iSight works with no fuss if you happen to be restarted into your windows/boot camp partition :)

Comment by gehenna, on 27-Mar-2008 12:13

@muso Quite right, Adium is working webcam support into their app.  Can't wait for that one! 

Comment by munchkin, on 30-Mar-2008 15:49

Have you looked at installing either VMware Fusion or Parallels and then using Live Messenger through the unity/coherence functions available? I use Adium for the most part, when I need (want) to videochat, I fire up VMware and videochat through that, it works fine for my needs.

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