How to set Nokia E51 up as a WiFi Asterisk extension phone

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 30-Mar-2008 22:03

So when I am at home, my phone automatically attaches to my WiFi access point, logs into my Asterisk box, and any calls to my home number make my cellphone ring. I also have the phone set so any calls out I make, try my Asterisk box first, and use that if its available (i.e. if I am at home).

The best of both worlds in one handset, with automatic selection of the VoIP when available! Very cool.

The E51 is the first S60 device I have actaully even used, but this should work for any WiFi Nokia with the SIP client (N95, N81, N82 etc).

Asterisk box setup - no special requirements, just create a SIP extension and call it "cellphone" or whatever.

E51 -

  • Add a new profile called "Home"
  • Service Profile: IETF
  • Default Access Point: Your Home AP
  • Public username: sip:202@ (Replace with your extension number, and Asterisk IP address)
  • Use compression: No
  • Registration: Always on
  • Use security: No
Proxy Server:


More information

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Comment by kiwipawl, on 31-Mar-2008 12:54

Hi tony

Excuss my ignorance but what is a Asterisk box and How much are they ?

Comment by nate, on 31-Mar-2008 15:20

What's the battery life like Tony when running WiFi + VoIP?

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 31-Mar-2008 16:15

@kiwipaul, replied via email explaining Asterisk is open source PABX software system.

@nate - battery life seems really good, but I have only had the phone since Saturday. Charged fully again last night, by 4pm today has not dropped at all. WiFi connected for 2 hours this morning, scanning WiFi all day at work without a connection, couple of calls and texts.

Once I am using the phone full time when my 027 gets ported to Voda tomorrow, I will charge the phone fully, and see how long it lasts on normal usage with WiFi and bluetooth going the whole time. I suspect about 3 days of moderate usage will be the mark. (3 - 5 short calls a day, 10 - 20 texts a day, checking email once every 5 mins, 1 short 3g data session etc).

Comment by southernman, on 31-Mar-2008 19:05

Well done, Tony. Nice to see another happy Trix user out there. What are you using for your pstn interconnect? We have been using SPA3102's, but I'm always on the lookout for alternate devices... Cheers!

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 31-Mar-2008 19:09

I am pure SIP here. I have a VFX SIP trunk piped in over my Pro DSL connection. Its nice to be free of the SPA3102 and my x100p cards (I have the x100p cards x 2 for sale here if anyone wants to buy them).

Comment by Mike, on 23-May-2008 13:15

Still happy with the e51 as a wifi sip phone? Been looking at one myself...

Comment by John, on 10-Jun-2008 21:04

Hi Tony. Have you still got your x100p cards? I need one for my trixbox so I can trunk out and receive calls from the home PSTN line. Cheers

Comment by kim, on 25-Jul-2008 13:47

How to setup a SIP Proxy Server? What do I need? and what is x100p cards? Many thanks

Comment by Ted, on 22-Jan-2009 11:13

I was thinking of getting this phone to use the WI-FI as my only connection to the internet. Has anybody used this that way? I do not have a data or internet plan on my current one and do not want to pay the monthly fee as I am usually near a WI-FI connection. Thanks.

Comment by Gilbert, on 17-Oct-2009 04:06

So I take it there is a way to use the E51 without the third part Voip through your home wifi network?

Comment by Gilbert, on 17-Oct-2009 04:09

So I take it there is a way to use the E51 without the third part Voip through your home wifi network?

Comment by Gilbert, on 28-Oct-2009 06:34

Ok so what do I enter exactly in the SIP to use my E51 as a wifi phone at home connected to my motorola 714 wireless router?

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