Vodafone Prepay porting in - issue resolved

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 1-Apr-2008 17:59

I have just been informed that the systems to take care of inwards porting on Vodafone New Zealand prepay have now been brought back online.

This glitch meant Vodafone missed the Commerce Commissions deadline of providing inwards porting to Prepay by April 1st.

See here for a discussion on the matter.

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Comment by PaulBrislen, on 1-Apr-2008 18:42

Actually, it's been working for the past three days so no, we didn't miss the Commerce Commission deadline.

I have no notification here that Vodafone couldn't port today - are you sure it's not just DigiMobile stores that had some kind of comms issue?



Author's note by tonyhughes, on 1-Apr-2008 19:35

Hi Paul,

I went into First Mobile first thing in the morning, and phoned in the afternoon. I was told both times that specifically the porting system had failed, and that the IT team were working on it, and would do so this evening in the hope of having it working by 10am tomorrow.

As a separate issue, they also stated their user logins to the Voda web portal were not working, but that that was separate to the specific porting problem, and that even if those logins were working, it would not help because the "porting system is down, and we cannot do any porting until its fixed"

A Vodafone employee emailed me after hours to say porting had been bought back online.

It certainly cant be claimed as working yesterday either, as I was denied a request to port. (Instore at First Mobile).

Some very specific information there - so someone is either making up very specific, and very massive whoppers for zero reason, or, porting was in fact not working.
So I stand by my claim that Vodafone has in fact missed the deadline.

Tony Hughes

Comment by PaulBrislen, on 2-Apr-2008 16:15


Right, here's the situation. We did indeed have an outage in our ability to port numbers yesterday (April 1). In fact, we had two different issues that conspired to knock out porting for most of the day.

This despite us having the system up and running for several days prior to the launch.

The problem was resolved overnight and number porting is working again as of first thing April 2.

So clearly I owe you a beer (or a port. ha!)


Paul Brislen
Vodafone External Communications Manager

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 4-Apr-2008 14:38

My port seems to be underway now, and just for the record - there was 1.5 days of Vodafone not being able to port me, and 2.0 days after that of Telecom refusing the outwards port.

Between refusing the outgoing port initially, and now, nothing has changed, and no new information was given to VFNZ.

Bit of a shambles from a customers point of view.

Telecom New Zealand flatly refused to discuss my outgoing port issues with me ("You must contact VFNZ about any issues you are having porting into them").

Vodafone kindly sorted out not only their issues, but Telecoms as well.

Thankyou to the staff involved.

Level of service compared between VFNZ vs. TNZ? Despite initial issues, Vodafone came to the party and made it all happen, Telecom however, wouldn't talk to a still-paying customer. VFNZ=7/10 TNZ=FAIL.

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