Vodafone NZ number porting in now underway...

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 4-Apr-2008 14:38

My port from TNZ Account to VFNZ prepay seems to be underway now, and just for the record - there was 1.5 days of Vodafone not being able to port me, and 2.0 days after that of Telecom refusing the outwards port.

Between refusing the outgoing port initially, and now, nothing has changed, and no new information was given to VFNZ.

Bit of a shambles from a customers point of view.

Telecom New Zealand flatly refused to discuss my outgoing port issues with me ("You must contact VFNZ about any issues you are having porting into them").

Vodafone kindly sorted out not only their issues, but Telecoms as well.

Thankyou to the staff involved.

Level of service compared between VFNZ vs. TNZ? Despite initial issues, Vodafone came to the party and made it all happen, Telecom however, wouldn't talk to a still-paying customer. VFNZ=7/10 TNZ=FAIL.

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Comment by chiefie, on 27-May-2008 16:05

For the record (as a colleague of mine is looking at porting from TNZ prepaid to Vodafone NZ)... My colleague's phone gone through a wash and it is working alright... but he's looking at getting new phone from Vodafone. SO I told him about the number porting. Now... can he get a new phone and have TNZ number ported in? And if the above is possible, then would his partner required to change to Vodafone phones to get number portability (by continuing using her TNZ phone)? I always thought that you can keep the phone you're on and just port the number to new carrier and pay the new carrier your bill/fund, minimal fuss and everyone's happy (except the lossing party, of course)...

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