Race day tomorrow!! Tony & JT's Sylvia

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 5-Apr-2008 20:00

A friend and I just picked up an S110 Sylvia for $300. We are going to
go racing at the Hawkes Bay Car Club Autocross Events, and maybe a
little drift action at the U-Drive track 5 blocks from my house.

The S110 is 1800cc EFI, 5spd manual, RWD, coupe, white.

bottom class is no modifications allowed to engine, and must be worth
no more than $500 (And must be standard wheels, budget tyres etc). That
will be a fun start before we move on to a more serious class, at which
point a roll cage, harness, and other mods will be the order of the day.

The S110 shares the same chassis as the Mazda Cosmo Rotary. So a 12a could be the go for our first move up in the classes.

Just a pity there is no dragway, or sealed race track in Hawkes Bay...

Heres a before pic:

Its in full street trim, and goes really well. It was parked up in 2005, and just left there till we bought it today.

Its going to get stripped out, and might even get repainted at some point.

These things had 105hp from the factory, and at 25 years old, I'd say she has dropped to about 90hp or so.

My SS at the back there has around 400hp, but of course I don't want to race that!!

it purrs like a kitten, and aside from the mounts for a t-wing on the
back, is totally standard. These things came with an OTR CAI, EFI,
short throw gearstick, and for a totally standard early (cheap) Nissan,
are pretty cool.

Its the eve of the first race!!

Final touches applied - its
been cleaned, a little paint here and there (but not much), a fire
extinguisher, 90% stripped out, gassed up, trailered and ready to go!!

Will post some videos on YouTube hopefully tomorrow night!!

sticker on the rear windscreen of the Nissan reads "No Guts, No Glory"
(i.e. our car has no guts, so we will get no glory...)

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Comment by scottpalmer, on 5-Apr-2008 21:43

All the best!

Comment by George Merriman, on 6-Apr-2008 07:17

Keep it shiny side up, and rubber side down!

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