Windows Vista 5365 without Aero on a budget PC

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 9-May-2006 20:10

How will Vista run on my budget PC with onboard graphics you may ask?

Well - heres my system specs:

AMD Athlon 2800+ (normally overclocked, but wound down for this exercise)
1GB of cheap DDR400 memory
ASRock cheapie motherboard
Onboard SiS 64MB video
Seagate 160GB 7200rpm drive (75GB partition for Vista)

The installation was started in XP, and after a few reboots and 30 or 40 minutes I was all up and running. The graphical install was fairly painless, and the system asked me to create a user account, then it put me into a desktop with a nice welcome window, that had some key system information about my hardware, and some useful tasks (display, sound, customisation etc etc).

I promptly installed Skype 2.5 beta, and Microsoft Office 2003 Professional, so that I could give it some real world tasks to do.

Its worth noting that the system automatically gave me the Windows Vista basic GUI, vs the 'Aero' glass effects, which my onboard graphics system is not capable of rendering.

Basic looks like a very refined, classy XP shell, without all the 'cartoony' buttons and play dough colours.

So far its running Office perfectly. Skype is working well, though I need some tweaking or extra drivers to make my VoIP handset behave.

Vista itself (even in the basic GUI) is looking stunning, with a lot more functionality than XP.

Currently my opinion of this build is that it is unstable on my machine. It crashes frequently on mundane tasks like copying and pasting a few megs of files, and other basic things. I am looking forward to spending some time seeing if I can deal with these problems.

It seems quick and responsive most of the time, and we will see what happens in a few days when I have a TNT2 64MB AGP card arriving (thanks chiefie), and possibly a 128 or higher card in a few weeks.

Within a few days I hope to have my Vista install completed with all my usual apps, and favourite browsers, so I can get a more objective view of how the project is coming along.

Its looking good, and obviously taking cues from a number of Apple OSX, Gnome (A Linux desktop) & KDE (A Linux desktop) niceties, which are perfectly welcome on my system!

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Comment by chiefie, on 9-May-2006 20:22

Awesome... sounds good. and hope you get to see what Windows Vista can pull with 64MB TNT2 M64 AGP card... With what I have read and seen, I can't wait till Windows is out... I just had a stroll at Harvey Norman today, i saw the HP zd8000 notebook and Core Duo and it has "Windows XP, and Vista ready"

Comment by Mark, on 10-May-2006 00:28

Aero needs DirectX 9 compliant graphic card. TNT2 is hardly any better (or even worse) than your onboard graphic card.

Comment by ashwin, on 10-May-2006 22:59

system requirement is set to go down by the final release.

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