Price matching is no good if the business renegs on its offer to match

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 16-Apr-2008 15:54

I went looking for a clutch kit for one of my cars today (via Internet and telling-bone of course!).

Heres the prices I wrote down in the order I got them:

$220 (Cockram Nissan Christchurch)
$380 (Another Nissan dealer who said they couldn't do a kit, and I would need to buy seperate parts)


$314 (Repco Hastings)

The Cockram Nissan offer was through Trademe, and when I phoned Repco, I asked for the kit, and when he found which one it was, he said "It's $314, but if you find a cheaper price, we will match or better it."

I think its great - they are charging the average price as their ticket price, but will match any crazy offers out there.

They said I just had to email/fax/bring in proof of the competitive offer, and they would match or better it.

BUT, when I emailed them a screenshot of the Trademe page, clearly showing the trader was Cockram Nissan in ChCh, and the Q&A section showing me asking for a kit for my specific car, and a response of "Yes, $220 incl freight", Repcos email system stripped out the inline photo, and the staff are not able to use the internet to see the competitive offer.

When I told him it was on Trademe, he said that that was not acceptable, they only match "actual offers" from businesses.

I told him it is a full-on Nissan Dealer (Sales, parts and service), but they didn't want to know. He said I would have to get in writing from them a quote.

Sorry Repco, I only shop with you at the moment when Supercheap does not have what I want, and now, I will look further afield before I come back to you. I had proof of the offer - why should I incur a toll call or email requests to Cockrams when I can just buy directly from them.

Very short sighted. As bad as the pizza companys requiring the actual coupons before honoring the offers.

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Comment by hellonearthisman, on 16-Apr-2008 16:32

I guess it's like quoteing wikipedia as a case in fact.

Comment by Bung, on 17-Apr-2008 10:57

I've gone down a similar path where Repco undercut the genuine part price but their part was the wrong one. When they located the correct part from their supplier, the price to them was higher than the genuine part retail.

Why can't other Nissan dealers supply at Cockram's price? I don't see your problem, you appear to have a solution overnight freight away.

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 17-Apr-2008 11:02

I have ordered from Cockrams. I would have preferred local service, which is why I phoned around. Repco said they would do it, then after providing the proof to them, they said too bad, Cockrams stating on TM the price and model wasnt good enough, had to be a quote.

Repcos loss. Cockrams gain.

Comment by tchart, on 17-Apr-2008 16:04


Mitre 10 have done me over in this respect. The other staff in the store even told the manager that what he did wasnt cool.

I now go out of my way not to visit that store. The manager shouldnt just given me the discount (it was maybe $15) but hes lost a customer for good now!

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