Telstra to potential customers: Hows $3 p/mb casual mobile data, $75 3GB data plan, PLUS network neutral free minutes, and simple straightforward voice plans?

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 21-Apr-2008 06:55

Telstraclear just shook up the mobile data market, by offering $3 per meg casual data rate - lopping a massive $5 off the casual per MB rate from Vodafone and Telecom. (Yes, they just cut base level 3G mobile data costs in NZ by well over half!)

Whats more, their voice plans are network neutral - your airtime is valid for calling any network in NZ, with no penalty for straying outside the currently tiny Telstra customer base.

By the time the competition responds, before we know it, someone (perhaps new entrant NZ Communications) could be offering $1 per meg casual rate by the end of 2009, and VF-VF and TNZ-TNZ minutes could be a thing of the past by the end of 2008.

Look at how simple the voice plans are to decipher as well. Telecom used to bandy around a saying "Simple & complete" in regards to what they were trying to achieve for their customers. They never got there. And now Telstra has meandered into the fray, and their entire mobile offering is able to be communicated well, in one short press release.

Great news for consumers, and TCNZ's voice offerings look simple and competitive too, though I have not done the maths on them (I am sure another Geekzone mobile zealot enthusiast will take care of that soon).

Props to Telstra for making things easy for customers.

Note to the pair of telcos left over: Your homework is to read Telstras press release, then better it.

TelstraClear has today launched its whole of business proposition with the release of its mobile plans for business customers, from the smallest single person outfit to the largest enterprise customer.

A simple premise of one bill, one point of contact and one provider is at the heart of the offering, says TelstraClear’s Head of Mobile Services John Bone.

“We will be aggressively targeting whole of business for new and existing customers.
TelstraClear offers a differentiated mobile service and can create tailor-made solutions for large corporate customers, while offering a range of great value plans for the small-medium sized business market.”

“There’s no doubt the market has wanted a third mobile player and the benefits this competition brings. We are one of only two whole of business providers in the market. This allows further opportunities for customers to do more business with us. The more they do - the better off they are.”

BizMobile Voice offers three straightforward plans that allows customers to simply choose a plan that fits their business mobile usage.

“BizMobile plans give you control of your spend. If you talk a little, pay as you go. If you need to talk a lot, then get your minutes upfront and get no surprises later. You’ll save when you talk to the people who you regularly talk to, and because BizMobile is network neutral, you won’t pay more when you’re talking to people on other networks.”

A business range of handset options are offered, including models from Nokia, Samsung, Okta, and Blackberry.

The business mobile offering follows an initial pre-launch of a small selection of TelstraClear mobile services to small-medium sized businesses in November last year.

The BizMobile plans for voice and data launched today include;

BizMobile Voice
Name Monthly Access Fee
Start $30.00, $0.40 per minute,
Everyday $60.00 200 bundled minutes and $0.36 per minute
Momentum $99.95 400 bundled minutes, $0.32 per minute
Add 100 $24 Optional 100 Additional Minutes

BizMobile Data
Name Monthly Access Fee Bundled Usage Per MB rate
Casual Data $0 0 $3.00
Data 20 $10 20MB $1.00
Data 50 $20 50MB $1.00
Data 200* $30 200MB $0.70
Data 1GB* $49 1GB $0.50
Data 3GB $75 3GB $0.50

GST payable in addition to the above prices.

Enterprise plans and pricing are available on application.
* After the bundled usage is consumed, you will be automatically allocated the same bundled usage block again for only $10 (plus GST). So for a 200MB plan the next 200MB, or on 1GB plan the next 1GB will cost $10. All usage thereafter will be at the per MB rate.

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Author's note by tonyhughes, on 21-Apr-2008 08:26

Not to mention that their $10 for 20MB plan is three times cheaper than 20MB of Telecoms lowest plan (Mobile Broadband 10). I wonder if Telstra will offer prepaid, and whether these data prices will translate through unscathed?

Comment by sbiddle, on 21-Apr-2008 09:31

Fantastic news..

Comment by chiefie, on 21-Apr-2008 09:46

So far these plans aren't available to consumer/residential users though...

Comment by inane, on 21-Apr-2008 11:49

I am loving that $3 per meg casual amount.

I am a pre-pay prisoner of vodafone (if I want to  go on a plan with vf and keep my number  I would need to go from vf, to Telecom, to vf on - account because they "can't" transfer pre-pay numbers to on-account (load of bollocks I'm sure)

and they currently charge like $10+ per mb casual data rate.

If only telstraclear were still sim based so my phone would work on their network :(

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 21-Apr-2008 11:55

They may be SIM/GSM/WCDMA based by years end if their commerical agreement with Telecom allows piggybacking on the new network too. But I have no idea whether it does or not.

Comment by sbiddle, on 21-Apr-2008 13:22

The existing agreement is CDMA only.

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 21-Apr-2008 14:01

Cheers Steve

Comment by cokemaster, on 21-Apr-2008 20:17

The data plans certainly sound attractive. Good to see even more choice out there. I personally prefer the flexi family of voice plans though as they give you the freedom to use your mobile as you please, rather than having to worry about going over minutes or calling off net numbers. But more options can only be better.

Comment by antoniosk, on 22-Apr-2008 04:48

And now you know what I've been doing for the last 11 months while here. This is one of the two major projects I've been working on for the company (MF - now you know why I look like death warmed up at times....)

These plans are just a start - there is a lot more in the pipeline - but I need to take a break!

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