CDMA+GSM Samsung i325 - the uglyphone is coming!

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 21-Apr-2008 17:09

I was unfortunate enough to play with this device earlier today, just for a few minutes. Also known as the Samsung Ace, successor to the Blackjack, and was to be named the Voyager here, but I guess Telecom forgot about the long range cordless phones of the same name that have been sold here for years.

This particular device is a Sprint branded one, as Telecom and Sprint have commercial agreements to help bring big market handsets to small market Telecom New Zealand. Expect to see this device launch soon (though Telecom NDAs its launch dates to dealers, but TNZ employees often disclose dates to customers, with no such agreements in place - go figure...).

Lets have a quick rundown - most of this off the top of my head,

The good:
WM6 Standard (a.k.a. Windows Mobile Smartphone - i.e. no touchscreen)
416MHz Intel CPU
Qwerty keyboard
Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP)
MicroSD Slot
World-mode phone with SIM card slot for GSM roaming

The bad:
No WiFi
1.3MP Camera (Not tested, but how many 1.3MP cellphone cams are ever any good?)
Scroll wheel is on the right hand side! (Bad if you are used holding your PDA in your left hand and want to scroll with your thumb)

The ugly:
Excuse the impromptu PXT images:

Check out that camera bulge! (The white part on the back of the phone is a sticker)

Significantly thinner than the OKTA Boss, but taller and wider, and an extra helping of redneck-wedding ugly as well. If you haven't held a Boss in person, don't think its too tiny in relation to my hand - I am 6 foot 7 tall, and have reasonably large hands as well.

That keypad seemed nice enough to type on, but I didn't have long enough to form a real opinion.

All the 'control' buttons are big and wide, and nice to use. (Send/End/D-Pad etc)

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Comment by freitasm, on 21-Apr-2008 17:21

It is actually Windows Mobile 6 Standard.

The "Pocket PC", "Pocket PC Phone Edition" and "Windows Mobile Smartphone" are no longer used.

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 21-Apr-2008 17:37

I know. But many newbies dont :-)

Comment by geekiegeek, on 21-Apr-2008 20:41

That is one supermegafugly looking device man - I would be embarrassed to be seen with it. LOL
Thank the gods for my Okta Touch - I think my old Apache even looked better.

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 21-Apr-2008 20:54

Its truly awful eh!!!

Comment by rb85, on 23-Apr-2008 15:30

Ugly but the first World Mode Windows Mobile Device.

Great overview!!

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