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By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 6-May-2008 14:17

I spent a lot of time last month going through my inbox, looking at emails from the past year, and identifying the annoying timewasters - most of which were legitimate - I get almost no spam thanks to my return to my gmail+dreamhost crazy routing setup. (mail arrives at my DH mailbox # 1, forwards to my gmail account, forwards from Gmail to DH account # 2. #2 is a secret address that gets no spam, and I can change anytime).

ANYHOO.... I unsubscribed from everything that was meaningless to me (only legitimate stuff - never unsubscribe to spam), set up filters to try and identify fw: jokes from certain people (i.e. from xyz list of people, with "Fw:" in the subject, and I am not the only addressee), I also have disabled alert services from many websites that i visit frequently enough to not actually need specific alerts.

The avalanche of email flowing into my inbox has slowed to a dull roar, and I now typically am only recieving direct person-to-person communications, except for the odd alert that is important to me, as well as a couple of mailing lists. So decreasing from 50-200 a day, down to around 10 - 50.

I am considering putting the mailing lists into a different mail account, to truly make my email inbox a pleasant place to be.

Its so nice when the Mac makes a noise, or my phone alerts me to an email, and I know that pretty much its going to be worth reading.

And yes, I know some of your recieve literally thousands a day - but thats not bragging rights! Bragging rights is recieving the volume of email you desire and making sure its manageable.

I have had many hundreds a day, and if you have not got things arranged well, the good and important stuff can get missed too easily.

Also, since the advent of huge hard drives, large hosting accounts, Gmail search, and good desktop search (Spotlight), I no longer sort any emails. I simply have Inbox, Outbox, Old, Sent. I clear out the inbox every month or so into the 'old' folder, so that the inbox is a nice place to play with IMAP clients (cellphone etc), and I sue search to find things. Zero effort compared to arranging emails from Bob into a folder named 'Bob', and manually looking.

So how is your inbox? Overflowing? Need some TLC? Get onto it!

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Comment by adamj, on 9-May-2008 14:13

I did the same thing a couple of months ago. What a breath of fresh air!

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