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By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 13-May-2006 12:42

A fellow Geekzoner quizzed me on my purchase of Telecoms LG NX225, and although I said I liked it at the time, was curious to know how I would feel about it a month or two down the track.

Its really a great phone. Feature rich for its $249NZD open term price tag (or $299NZD on prepaid), including a camera, dual colour screens, polyphonic ring tones and more. The contact list management is rivalling that of Sanyos. sound quality is good, and the menu structure is easy to naigate in a Samsung crossed with a Hyundai method.

Battery life is very very good, and turning it off at night allows me to get up to 7 days usage, with about 2 - 3 short calls a day, and anywhere from 5 - 50 text messages a day.

The bad stuff? Its slow. Very very slow. Terrible lag in the menu system. Their hardware testers must have been one-foot-in-the-grave geriatrics with the nimbleness of a tunafish operating a go kart. It has a reasonable buffer, so it will catch up with you if you know in advance what you need to be pressing, but if you are a hardcore texter, or need things to be just right, this probably isnt the phone for you.

Overall - 7 out of 10 - nice phone, and cant wait to see further offerings from the LG CDMA camp in New Zealand.

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