ADSL outage causes rethink of the term 'Xtra Helpdesk'

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 16-May-2006 10:41

Knowing there was a nationwide problem last night, I simply turned my Geekmachine off, and engaged in actual conversation with a loved one (though only during the commercial breaks of Desperate Housewives & Greys Anatomy of course... despite the fact they were being DVDed/DVRed/PVRed ??!!? ['videoed']).

Leaving their assumed-to-be-overloaded helpdesk alone was my contribution to the helpdesk staffers collective sanity maintenance.

This morning however, with the outage not have made the morning news (that I saw), and my intarweb still down, I assumed the rest of the planet was logged in, leaving me disconnected all on my ownsome. I checked my system to find my ADSL connected, but not authenticated, although my password and login were intact in the router. My WiFi was also dead, and my PC playing up.

So I booted into Knoppix (Linux Live DVD) to get a stable desktop, and logged into my router again, reset and re-entered all the network and user details, saved and rebooted, and even did a cold-hard-bitch reboot by pulling the AC adapter out of the wall.

When all this failed, I called 0800225598 (Xtra helpdesk), and got promptly disconnected with talking to anyone. So I called 120pppp2p1p1p1 (Which puts you in the broadband helpdesk queue even if Xtras 0800 is engaged by the way), and was promptly overflowed to what I assume was the dialup helpdesk.

TH "My ADSL wont connect to the Xtra network at all"
XTRA "Oh well of course you will have to have that long wait in the broadband queue again, why did you ring here?"
TH "No - I got you straightwaway, I havent waited at all"
XTRA "Well let me look into this for you - hang on a sec.....CLICK............................"

My second attempt was much better, with a 20 second wait, and overflowed into actual data faults (120), who did some basic leg work (Identify customer + line number + fault description), then directly called a broadband helpdesk tech and ACTUALLY PASSED MY DETAILS ON then introduced me. This tech then went through a reasonable rigorous fault finding / problem solving process, and we discovered that my modem is just being a n00b, reset everything again, and got me up and running.

Good in the end, but really - I have always had a 50/50 success rate with Xtras support. They really need some decently trained front line staff if you ask me.

Happy intarwebbing people...

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Comment by juha, on 16-May-2006 11:59

"...we discovered that my modem is just being a n00b" Yeah. Blame it on the modem. :p

Comment by Anthony, on 16-May-2006 13:01

Whats this 120pppp2p1p1p1 bizzo?

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