Why you shouldnt get a 200MB broadband deal

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 16-May-2006 11:48

In an effort to lower the entry price into ADSL in New Zealand, its now possible to get a 200MB monthly capped broadband plan.

Thats all well and good, but I just noticed that todays patches and updates from Microsoft totalled 130MB.

Yes, thats right - well in excess of half your usage gone in one day if you choose to update your Microsoft Office 2003 products. Most users wouldnt even realise this was happening, if they just click 'Express Install' on the Windows Automatic Updates feature it doesnt tell them what the updates are, nor how much data they are using to do that.

Add to that the constant antivirus and spyware updates every user should be getting, plus the constant (though very minor) overhead on your traffic of your IM and VoIP clients running 24/7, some unwanted traffic hitting your firewall, and your homepage loading every time you fire up your browser (whether you wanted to view that page or not), and i'd wager a bet that a well-protected and kept-up-to-date machine with common productivity and communication software would chew through 200MB a month without you even 'surfing' one page, or recieving a single email.

Moral of the story: Stunted broadband plans need to be shunned! Its not appropriate to have 200MB caps in this day and age - otherwise its the poor and uneducated who will suffer the most when they cant get the bandwidth required at the end of the month to get the updates required to keep their data safe when its needed.

Caps should be rising, not falling, as with lower storage costs, lazy coding, and generally faster broadband worldwide, the actual data requirements for users are growing.

If they want to create a restricted product for the low end of the market, it should be a 512kbps 1GB allowance.

Long live teh intarweb!

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Comment by Jama, on 16-May-2006 12:15

Or just maybe it is not appropriate for MS to release such fat patches for their bloatware.

Comment by cokemaster, on 16-May-2006 13:00

What was it - "640kb should be enough for everyone"?

Comment by juha, on 16-May-2006 15:43

640kB with $10/kB excess... :p

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