MySKY HDi - High definition MySKY coming, but it will cost you

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 14-Jun-2008 15:48

Just to do a little housekeeping first - SKY, who does your marketing? Fire them. You latest flyer is just a peice of junk.

Ok, now down to the nitty gritty. You want High Definition MySKY? You will only get SKY Sport 1, SKY Sport 2, SKY Movies and SKY Movies Greats in HD. And you will pay $10 a month extra for the privilege.

That is the equivalent of paying Telecom $10 a month more for ADSL2+ service instead of ADSL 1, and even then, only being able to have a subset of websites available at the faster speed.

I notice that Leisa hardly records anything on non-Freeview channels, so this is probably the death knell for SKY in our house. I will start buying HTPC components (again), which is especially attractive now that the hvr2200 is available (single card with dual analogue and dual DVB-T tuners). I think I have the memory, hard drive, and video card already, so not much more left to buy really.

SKY - we already pay big money for your service, what makes you think we want to pay even more to get it in good quality?

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Comment by Don, on 15-Jun-2008 18:04

Hi Tony, Thanks for the warning about My Sky HDi. I've been a Sky subscriber almost since it started. They never give you anything for nothing or even at a realistic price, and you get a lot of rubbish along with the stuff you actually want to view. Some years ago I had a meaningful discussion with them about the fact that with modern technology they should be able to beam exactly what each individual subscriber wanted to their TV, nothing more, nothing less. They said that was possible, but because they deal in "packages" from overseas sources, we have to accept and pay for (for example) cartoons, pop clips, countless crocodile programmes etc even though we may not want them. Re High Definition TV, I looked at the set top boxes for Freeview and decided they were overpriced and would wait until they come down a bit. In the interim I discovered the Hauppauge WinTV 900H TV stick, which is less than half the price of a Freeview box and enables you to view all the terrestrial programmes as well as the older analog stuff. It's also very portable (a bit bigger than a cigarette lighter) and as long as the signal is good, you can watch TV on your laptop virtually anywhere. For anyone buying this TV stick, they should make sure they install both discs in the box and access the Freeview channels via Power Cinema. Having said that, the offering on Freeview at present is nothing to get too excited about even though the pictures are very sharp and clear. However, it will be great for the Olympics.

Comment by Robert Hooper, on 29-Jul-2008 13:27

Hi All, I just thought that all those out there wanting to know about problems with the new HDi Sky box need to know this.... You can no longer send the signal into another room from your sky box, you will need to get another decoder, so if you watch sky in your bedroom you will need to pay $10 for the HDi and then $15 for a second decoder!!!!!!!!!! Just a warning Rob

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