On the move

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 20-Jun-2008 08:32

A week off for yours-truly, starting Monday, before I begin my new role as IT Manager for an ex-client of mine (from my time at Gen-i).

Though I haven't started yet, there have been some urgent issues to attend to for them, so I have done a bit of remote work already - though it looks like a good thing that I am going to be office based, rather than a permanent telecommuter (which was the plan at one stage) - with an ADSL Pro (fs/fs) plan at each end, the VPN is only putting through about 5kbps file transfers (bursting to 10-12kbps occaisionally), which really goes to show the value of things like Telecoms OneOffice product, when you need a good, reliable, fast business connection.

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Comment by adamj, on 20-Jun-2008 13:44

What is OneOffice run off? Frame?

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 20-Jun-2008 13:50

OneOffice is run off whatever is the most effective delivery method from Telecoms point of view - this can include frame, DSL, or any of the higher bandwidth delivery methods, depending on the bandwidth requirements.

When delivered over DSL, I believe it is routed through hardware, and connections that have different (higher) priorities than consumer DSL service.

Comment by mushion22, on 21-Jun-2008 10:40

OneOffice uses MPLS over Frame, Ethernet (incl fibre) or xDSL, so depending on which OneOffice variant you go for you can get SLA based throughput, QoS and uptime.

Using IP (or whatever) over MPLS directly means you dont have to go across the network out to your ISP then back in.

Although if you are only getting 5kbps transfers then you should probably investigate a better VPN system!

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