Hawkes Bay IT professionals monthly meetup, and mailing list.

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 9-Jul-2008 21:43

Due to popular demand (well... one person mentioned it in passing anyway)...

I have decided to try and co-ordinate a monthly get together of IT / ICT Professionals (not necessarily "geeks" but more aimed at "people who work in the IT industry" - you might be a tech/engineer, or a manager or admin staff).

The goal is to meet, eat, drink, and talk business/geek/cars/sport/crap/whatever.

Everyone is welcome, and the venue will change monthly to a location decided by the members. The plan is to drink a few beers, have some nibbles, network, make friends, be sociable, and expand your horizons.

A mailing list to co-ordinate this will also serve as a list for general IT chat in Hawkes Bay, so I hope it becomes worth everyones while to make the meetups and the mailing list as successful as each other.

This is a new venture, and is totally non-commercial. Consider it “by the people, for the people”

This idea is a ripoff of Thursday Night Curry thanks to Renees suggestion.



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