Browser Wars 2.0

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 9-Mar-2006 08:34

First there was Netscape vs Internet Explorer, now its Internet Explorer vs Opera vs Firefox vs a few other pretenders to the throne. I use all three listed above, and I use the latest betas where possible, although I am starting to tire of minor bugs. IE7 Beta has nearly killed my enthusiasm for the other two. Its clean, crisp, fast, looks good, has tabbed browsing (quite a good implementation of it in fact), and there are always things that one browser does better than another (GZ Blogs suck the big kumara in FF). So I have to pick one as my default. It was Opera for quite some time (I paid for it before it was free). But IE7 Beta, since it landed on my PC has been flavour of the month. Built in RSS reader (which needs work, but hey - its beta), fresh new toolbar design & layout, and it displays most web sites I visit better than the other two in most cases. (Your results may vary). I am not saying its more compliant - by all accounts its the worst of the three in that respect, but it suits my needs better. Well done to the IE7 team - its looking good. I almost never used IE6 by choice (several work systems only ran on it though), and I was sceptical about this before I installed it. Opera users - stick with the release version unless you have some burning desire to be at the bleeding edge of Opera releases - its been painful (but still a great browser).

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Comment by freitasm, on 9-Mar-2006 19:35

Yes, I've noticed how the right column looks strange when the Geekzone Blog is viewed on FF. I have to have a look at the CSS for this - but it's a shame that I am using a very simple CSS and "the standard compliant" FF can't render it...

Comment by freitasm, on 11-Mar-2006 21:22

I managed to make the Geekzone Blog a little bit more "Firefox friendly". Still have to see it in a maximised window though because of the leaderboard, but it now shows the right column correctly without wrapping around the left column if longer...

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