Did Vodafone fail iPhone buyers?

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 20-Jul-2008 19:09

The recent launch of the Apple iPhone 3G in New Zealand has certainly polarised some, and created some very intense discussions here at Geekzone.

With hundreds of thousands of page views in a matter of a few days on Geekzone just for the iPhone discussions, iPhone related topics dominated the site, creating a headache for the sysadmin and moderators alike.

Relatively little of it (after the announcement of Vodafones plans) was hype, rather, much was people expressing massive amounts of disappointment in Vodafones offerings.

For what its worth, I think the fact that you can buy an iPhone 3G for under $1000 outright makes it a very good value handset in comparison with other top end devices, but its a shame that On Account customers are not rewarded for their business with much higher data caps - the data caps on the iPhone specific plans are very similar prices to what a Prepay user will get 3G data for very shortly - except that On Accounters will have to pony up their John Hancock for 2 years and commit to a large spend.

I hear it was high-fives all round at Vodafone when a Geekzone user discovered an easy non-hacking method for changing the iPhone specific APN to a generic Vodafone one, enabling Prepay users to use 3G data (which out of the box, the iPhone is unable to do). With Apple taking revenue share of data used by the iPhone, Vodafone would have to be stoked that the users themselves are hacking their way around it and saving the company money.

In my opinon, this massive marketing opportunity has been monumentally wasted by the Red Brigade, and I can't wait to see if Telecom can steal some thunder at Christmas time.

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