House Of Fail

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 21-Jul-2008 15:15

Four peeps going to see Disturbed / P.O.D. / Alter Bridge / Redline in Wellywood in September.

House Of Travel online flight booking: $1398 BUT DONT TAKE AMEX.
House Of Travel phone flight booking: $1800 (Including lack of online discounts, and extra AMEX only fees).


Book direct with AirNZ on the web: $1408 including insurance, and NO EXTRA AMEX FEES at all. Thanks AirNZ. I never thought booking direct would have been cheaper.

Oh, and Flight Centre - I barely even tried your site, it was just a fail from the outset at all angles.

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Comment by sleemanj, on 21-Jul-2008 16:11

From memory AMEX is considerably more expensive than other cards for merchants to accept.

And as I recall, Air NZ no longer pay commissions to travel brokers (since they started doing online bookings) so you won't get much cheaper through a broker than direct - the advantage of a broker is they can hunt down the cheap flights for you.

Comment by PenultimateHop, on 21-Jul-2008 16:17

I haven't seen the value in using a travel agent for domestic bookings in a long, long time.  Since Air NZ no longer pay commission for domestic bookings, they almost always have an agent fee - and will usually charge for credit card payments.

TAs for complicated international itineraries, sure... but for domestic? Nah.

Comment by rscole86, on 21-Jul-2008 18:26

Nothing new there, HOT have been screwing their customers for a long time!

Comment by southernman, on 21-Jul-2008 19:41

Off topic really, but I'm *really* looking forward to the gig. We're lucky in that we live in CHC and the concert is local. YAY! Was on holiday in the mountains for the school holidays so on the 9th I had to drive to Nelson just to get onto the 'net to book tickets. Should be a damn good night out.

Comment by NokiaRocks, on 22-Jul-2008 13:10

Why don't you just drive?

Comment by BobW, on 22-Jul-2008 16:38

I had an Amex card for a while, but gave up on it because it wasn't accepted in many places.

The problems with it not being accepted become more common as my internet shopping increased, since many online shops don't accept Amex.  Given that I had to have a Visa for online shopping, there was no point paying the membership fees for the Amex too.

Is there any particular reason why you use Amex rather than Visa?

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 22-Jul-2008 17:21

Not driving because we want to work all day on the day before, and the day after.

Comment by adamj, on 23-Jul-2008 10:42

Check out this FAQ on the Global Plus website. We book all of our international travel through Flight Centre, but we go in branch to do it.

None of the websites seem to be able to able to do multi stops well, I think you can do it on Air NZ but we don't always want to fly them.

The flight centre staff we deal with know their stuff and we are yet to have any major issues.

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