Goodnight Geekzone ...and forget about the pants

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 31-Jul-2008 12:11

'ellooooooooo...... I am leaving my moderator role here at

...with 5800 posts under my belt in the last four years of service on Geekzone, moderating the (l)users...

...answering posts from newbies with questions like "Why does my laptop have liquid damage - its always taken care of and the kids never touch it"....

...making wild predictions (this rugby one failed.... we lost :-(...

..coming down hard on some people...

...discovering the secret of the Vitruvian man that rocked the global scientific and historical community...

...and just generally having a really good time.

Why am I leaving?

I spend a LOT of time on Geekzone (enough time each week to have a second fulltime job, become a WoW addict, learn Russian, or whatever), and I would now like to concentrate on some other projects of my own, having enjoyed the ride with Mauricio and Geekzone to the top of the NZ tech website ladder.

I will still be hanging around on the forums and in chat, but now just focussing on the threads I want to participate in.

I really appreciate all the support that I have been shown, and the friends I have made through this site - "Geeks" are definitley not the nerdy, pocket-protector, Steve-Urkle stereotypes - the vast majority of people here are successful smart people in their own right, who are happily re-defining what Geek is, and what Geek means, in the 21st century.

Mauricio - congrats on having built yourself such a successful enterprise, I wish you all the best for the future.

I will still be coming to Wellington you-know-when, to drink piss and get rowdy (no sober driving for me this time).

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Comment by sbiddle, on 31-Jul-2008 12:57

Must be your shout in Wgtn!

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 31-Jul-2008 13:03

Must be... :-P

Comment by rscole86, on 31-Jul-2008 13:05

Well said sbiddle! If I remember correctly, all we need to do is take you to a pokey machine, and you will be rolling in cash all night long!

Comment by maverick, on 31-Jul-2008 13:35

Thanks for your input Tony, you have added a great deal to this place and done a great job as a moderator, which I have to say can be very tricky walking that fine line,

You handled the difficult situations well and also allowed the hard question's to be put in  a fair way, I also appreciate your effort in the Asterisk support you supply, I know a lot of people get a lot of value out of it. Most people on our Service using Asterisk would probably have read your very helpful and witty guides

Cheers again

Comment by chiefie, on 31-Jul-2008 14:08

Fabulous journey along the road to here, glad to have you on as buddy! I am sure we will not be leaving you out on any great time in the future ;-) It's a Hotel California.

Comment by PaulBrislen, on 31-Jul-2008 14:33

Cheers Tony. Let me know when you're up this way and I'll buy a celebratory beer.

And one for you too.

Thanks for all your help,



Comment by lugh, on 31-Jul-2008 19:14

Cheers Tony, you'll always be our nerdy, pocket-protector, Steve-Urkle stereotypical geek.  Even as you retire from moderating the unruly masses and pass into the mists of WoW, I'm sure we'll still see your gratuitous spamming and friend-recruiting in the threads.  

Comment by pebbles, on 31-Jul-2008 21:30

Yay the Big T-Dawg is gone! oh wait... I mean, cheers for everything you've done on Geekzone Tony, your BIG presence will definitely be duly noted and missed, especially your unique way of moderation that only you could pull off :) I won't miss ya though, as you'll never really leave

Comment by chiefie, on 31-Jul-2008 23:52

I didn't know Tony WoW... where does he roam?

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 1-Aug-2008 08:58

That must be a Pebs thing... I don't do WoW...

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Comment by kirjava, on 3-Aug-2008 15:33

Is that what is now my laptop getting bitten in the photo? :)

Comment by freitasm, on 3-Aug-2008 22:52

Tony, thanks for all your help. It was a great ride all along. All the best in your future projects - learning Russian, getting a second full time job, whatever you can do with all the time you are going to have free now...

And you look exactly like that white cat in the picture.

Comment by Chris, on 8-Aug-2008 09:08

Hi Tony I cant get hold of you RE E51.. Can you let me know details? Cheers Mate.

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