Telecom NZ releasing an All You Can Eat mobile plan

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 20-Aug-2008 16:24

Though for north of $400 a month you will want to be pigging out.

Tomorrow, Telecom NZ is set to announce a new all you can eat call plan. I am told it is north of the $400 a month mark by the time Aunty Helen and her taxation warlords add their up-size to the price.

Apparently Telecom believe that "All You Can Eat" should only cover voice and SMS - other services such as data, MMS, Video, Content, Music and WAP etc are to be charged at normal rates.

$400 to call mobiles and landlines on an unlimited basis sounds like a pass for me thanks.

A fair use policy working on averages of all customers on the plan is how Telecom plan to manage this, with the rights reserved to cut anyone off who is above the average if in Telecoms opinion your usage is too high.

Perhaps someone neglected to point out that if they actually do cut off all the above-average users on a monthly basis, that every month, they will lose 50% of the people on the plan.

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Comment by chiefie, on 20-Aug-2008 16:38

FAIL for just voice and SMS... GREAT if it is really All-You-Can-Eat...

Comment by chiefie, on 20-Aug-2008 16:40

Oh... they should just call it All-You-Can-Yak instead...

Comment by Dratsab, on 20-Aug-2008 17:06

Seems to be a bit of a contradiction there..."All you can eat" but you'll get the axe if you use too much - how does that work?

Agree with the FAIL sentiment!

I wonder if this means the days of cheap texting for Telecom users are coming to an end?

Comment by sbiddle, on 20-Aug-2008 17:11

Now lets compare this to Optus in Australia.

A$129 gets you unlimited calling to Australian landlines and mobiles, SMS, MMS and 2GB of data.

Quite frankly it shows how badly we are being bent over and shafted in New Zealand by both mobile operators.

That's a big NZ = FAIL.

Comment by Regs, on 20-Aug-2008 17:24

i guess "too high usage" would probably apply to connecting one of these plans to a corporate PBX and routing mobile calls out it :)  but they probably explicitly state that you cant do that anyhow

Comment by simon14, on 20-Aug-2008 20:14

Meh, i use up to 2000 minutes a month on my Vodafone Family for only $20

Comment by paradoxsm, on 20-Aug-2008 20:22

That's 1460 minutes on Telecom Flexi which means you'd get very hot ears, I'm interested to know if it also covers international calls and SMS.

Still, for a very high user it's a major advancement down-under, if data or wap usage was included though, that would really make it stellar.

We need more of this.

Comment by hellonearthisman, on 21-Aug-2008 04:32

All you can eat,  managed by 'wait watchers

Didn't telecom have a A fair use policy s with their broardband, and it didn't work so why they paddling up that river again.

Not including data into the plan is so 80's

Comment by nzbnw, on 21-Aug-2008 19:07

Ok Guys the fair use policy is to exclude use of the plan as the primary out point for call centre operations, using your mobile phone as a baby monitor or similar ridiculous use's for a mobile phone.

Hope this helps, other than that go for gold.


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