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By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 26-Aug-2008 17:28

I have (finally) just got my act together with Twitter.

Its something I avoided for a long time, treating it as a bit of a gimmick, but now, having used it for only a short time, I subscribe to the notion that its like a chat room, but instead of loads of channels to choose from, you just have one - your own.

My Twitter username is tonyhughes.

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Comment by Nick, on 27-Aug-2008 05:31

0800 blocking from Vodafone pre paid mobiles, does anyone know when this came into effect? Vodafone are blocking handsets from dialing these 'free' calling numbers. Does anybody know if this is a blanket ban or can individual or specific handsets be freed from these restrictions?VF cannot give definitive answer. I have yet to find a VF supplied 0800 so not sure if these restrictions apply to all 0800 numbers in NZ. I would be dismayed more if it wasnt a blanket ban. Also comment on your post below. All network providers shape their internal traffic and prioritse traffic within, thus ensuring third party applications cannot be guaranteed bandwidth, simple solution is to have handset "WiFi" to landbased IP networks ie Broadband thus avoiding these constraints. It seams VF are pushing people this way with their very high (by international standards) Data charges. As for Network providers being needed as policemen on their own networks sort of doesnt sit right with freedom loving people and open to abuse, so have to disagree with below bloggers concerns. But raises fair debate about a dominant carrier not being compliant with long understood Telecommunication providers minimum service delivery requirements. ie number call back recordings, access to free calling numbers, anymore anyone? imbo: Interesting exclusion of VoIP under the pricing on this page: Term #7 says: The use of Vodafone Mobile Connect for Voice over IP (VoIP) is excluded. This must be aimed at Skype - and here's why: Skype uses about 1/4 (.25) MB per minute (based on 30kbps - my best estimate). So the cost per minute therefore depends on what you are paying for data. At $149 per Gigabyte that is 14.5c/MB or 3.6c per minute! At $99 per 500MB that is 19.8c/MB or 4.95c per minute! I wonder if this is just a legal exclusion, or if VoIP is blocked? I thought i would start another thread seeing as this is kinda of opposite to the "Voda 3G up and working topic" So they dont want you using Skype over 3G. Is Vodafone suddenly censoring the internet? Does it hold any weight? Have they got the technical capability to block it? Have they got the legal right to block it? Shouldnt they be doing something useful like specifically disallowing kiddie pr0n or black hat hacking? Who else is doing this? What are your views?

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