iPod Video slow to navigate?

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 1-Jun-2006 11:50

My first iPod was an iPod Photo 60GB. Not long after the 5th Gen Video unit was released, I took advantage of Trademes still high prices for the Photo units, and got around $560 for the old unit.

Now, I love the Video to bits - the screen is much bigger, clearer and brighter, album art stays displayed if you select it, and the whole unit makes the 4th Gens seem, well, old.

Where I struggle though, is the navigation. Almost flawless on the 4th Gen in my opinion, it has degenerated on the 5th Gen, to the point where sometimes it lags like its struggling to find the processing power (think 'slow computer').

Is it just me? Or did apple beef up the features, but not the grunt that runs them? Should I be going back to the retailer (oh yes, for a $700 player I bought locally!!).

I also find the new click wheel to be not quite as easy to use (by a very small margin) compared to the Photo unit...

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Comment by taniwha, on 1-Jun-2006 17:07

u put rockbox on it yet?

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 1-Jun-2006 20:11

yep, rockbox is still on there, but im a smart playlist junkie, and all the free software in the world couldnt tear me away from itunes + DRMless mp3 (even if it is a licensed format) at the moment. Rockbox is nice though - especially brilliant for those that perhaps dont want to keep a mirror of their entire music collection on their PC. Actually there must be dozens of good reasons to use Rockbox. I might blog about it when i find some time to sit and actually play with it...

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