Goodbye MySKY, Hello Freeview HD

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 30-Dec-2008 14:17

Next week I am having my Sky disconnected, and instead will simply use Freeview. I tend to watch precious little TV these days, and the bulk of my viewing is TV1, TV2 & TV3, with most stuff I watch on Sky either being re-runs, or trash.

Acquired a Zinwell 620HD terrestrial reciever (is this thing getting a PVR capable firmware update or what?? - its got ethernet and USB ports).

Plugged in to the aerial cable (previously unused for a long time) in the lounge, but zero digital signal. Not a sausage.

Cant be bothered troubleshooting it myself, so waiting for the TV Aerial Installation guy to turn up and tweak my UHF aerial and my old old cabling. (Update: Just turned up. Doing it tomorrow - quoted $60 bucks to re-cable with decent spec cable from aerial to tv).

Will need a PVR solution at some stage, quite liked the MySKY in the end, so same concept with Freeview might be less hassle than building another Media Center PC.

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Comment by sbiddle, on 30-Dec-2008 14:56

The 620 won't be getting a PVR upgrade.

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 30-Dec-2008 16:17

Bummer... oh well.... it will get me through for now anyway!

Comment by James, on 30-Dec-2008 17:01

I'd do the same, except I don't want to muck around getting Prime. What is needed is a Freeview decoder which can also put/pass-through the standard UHF Prime on a channel number.

Comment by Corsa, on 31-Dec-2008 08:18

I think the pvr update will come - look on the freeview website and there is now a section for hdd add ons under hardware. The. Zinwell/dse is the best selling unit on the market by far and overseas versions work as pvrs if you connect a usb disk.

Comment by sbiddle, on 31-Dec-2008 12:53

@Corsa There will NOT be a PVR upgrade for the 620 sold in NZ. While this model is sold overseas and can be used as a PVR there are technical issues that mean this isn't without it's issues.

Word has it that this will be replaced with the Zinwell 630 over time which will probably have the PVR functionality with an external HDD.

Comment by VinnieNZ, on 6-May-2009 13:09

These do recording to an external HDD via the USB.

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