Squeezecenter, Squeezebox & Softsqueeze - 6 months on

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 8-Jan-2009 10:11

Its one thing to install a cool system, and think you have got it running good, but the real test is whether or not it lasts the distance.

With my installation at the office of Squeezecenter on a dedicated PC, with either Softsqueeze or Squeezbox clients and speakers at every desk, I was a little apprehensive, because co-worker acceptance factor is almost as hard a nut to crack as wife acceptance factor (WAF).

Six months on, I do declare it a total success. With basically no hiccups beyond inital bedding in, the thing runs pretty flawlessly, the staff are happy, and we have embedded the Squeezecenter web interface into our Sharepoint site, so one click from the intranet home page gets them into the music-choosing interface, while still leaving it nicely wrapped up in our company logo / menus etc.

We have just been using it to play MP3s, but considering looking at streaming some internet radio through it too.

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