Telecom New Zealand charges for unconnected unanswered calls

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 1-Jun-2006 20:23

A couple of Geekzone users have noticed that Telecom New Zealand deducts included minutes on offpeak cellphone plans when an offpeak call is made, but the recipient does not answer.

To be clear, these calls are not going through to voicemail, it has been apparently confirmed through dialling a number and hanging up after only a few rings, not the default 20 second cell sec diversion.

I wonder how much extra revenue this flaw gains Telecom, and if they can identify and credit all instances, or whether customers will be expected to discover, complain, and apply for credit (like the recent major Xtra internet outage).

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Comment by Bung, on 1-Jun-2006 21:35

Telecom are clear that unanswered calls aren't charged."Every call you make is charged at the rate that applies to the start of the call. If there is no answer you won't be charged for the call. Calls that are answered by a message service, such as Cellular Secretary, are chargeable." I remember years ago that there was a problem with some PABX systems answering and then continuing ring tone. To the caller it seemed that nothing had happened.

Author's note by tonyhughes, on 1-Jun-2006 22:21

doesnt change the fact the users are losing free minutes for calls that never connect to anything though...

Comment by paradoxsm, on 2-Jun-2006 00:11

hmmm I will have to test this myself and post some valid data.

Comment by bradstewart, on 2-Jun-2006 10:27

Despite what Telecom says, this does happen. They denied the whole thing even though i provided them with details of the calss etc.

Comment by Bung, on 2-Jun-2006 14:48

Mobile is probably all marketing, how many layers down would you have to go to find somebody technical that understood your problem? Don't US carriers charge per call and compensate with plenty of free minutes? Maybe some Lucent software didn't get patched.

Comment by Martin, on 17-Sep-2009 14:52

This happens on my Telecom prepay phone too - as soon as the phone at the other end starts ringing, the counter on my phone starts running, not when the call is actually answered. I've proved that this is the case when my account has been running low and I've made a call that wasn't answered, hung up and dialled another number, and got a recorded message the second time round saying "insufficient funds to complete this call". Now if no time had been charged for the previous (unanswered) call, my balance should have been exactly the same on both occasions!

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