Trademe missing a fantastic business opportunity

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 25-Jan-2009 16:47

Trademe emailed me about a listing of mine today...

Dear Tony, It has been bought to our attention that you have been facilitating
swaps through the site. Items sold through the site must be sold with the intention
of payment being made, rather than the swap of other goods or services.

The listing/s we are referring to are:

[xyz random item] (will swap) (#19924xxxx)

We'd appreciate it if you wouldn't create listings like this in the future. Your
cooperation is appreciated.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, please let us know.


Trade Me Customer Support

I think my further question would be 'fuck off' (oh wait - thats not a question...) - I am a long standing member, and would be more than happy to pay Trademe fees on a swap as well as an outright sale.

Trademe - you are missing out on revenue, and I am missing out on a potential sale.


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Comment by dave7309, on 26-Jan-2009 08:54

hi tony i fully agree. they are revenue hungry asses. I too would be keen to trade and swap on there and have done so many time circumventing there ""RULES"" several items offerings are not allowed according there terms and conditions i have a had numerous warnings and and had users kicked off have been a member of sorts since 99.

done lots trades swaps.
yes there should be a fee for swaps and things but they are afraid of losing a buick as people would/do trade outside as once you get pples infor they dont get a cut. they used to have classifieds but they stoped them you could list too many things an they dint get a big enough cut.

should make a commerce comission complaint as the name is trademe and that implies buying selling and swapping is false advertising ..

a site is needed that incorporates the features of trademe and swapping and trade me that is run by users reasonable fees.

would be keen to take part in a project like that but dont have the web skills have other useful ones.

my 10cents worth ..dont have twos anymore.

regards dave

Comment by Dratsab, on 26-Jan-2009 19:51

It is a question if you put a question mark after it, although it would make more (grammatical) sense to also prefix it with "why don't you..."

Comment by paradoxsm, on 28-Jan-2009 11:32

"has been bought to our attention" Bought.... lol nuff said.

We'd appreciate it if you wouldn't create listings like this in the future. Your
cooperation is appreciated.

I think that email has quite a nasty tone to it and could have been worded much better around the fact that most people simply don't realize how greedy and closed-off trademe are.

I'm amazed they even still let traders personally email each other instead of having an automated "trade completion" system. (no doubt that will come)

Remember the old days when you could create great long descriptions, create classified for swaps, insert your own full size images or used the nice large trademe unwatermarked unretouched images that showed detail and chips rthert tham masking them, when the fees were a simple round 5% and other stuff was included, when the homepage was not loaded with pages of unnessesary, glitchy, incompatible javascript.... ahh the old days......

Comment by Andrew, on 11-Mar-2009 18:29

Ok then make it really simple, time for someone to start a database with your name and your trademe name listed on it, have a basic search function allowing you to enter a traders trademe name and if they have put their contact details on this third intermediate site it will provide them to the person searching. Best of all there is nothing trademe could do about it. Would be a catch 22, if they tried to shut it down then the advertising for the site would be fantastic, if they let it run then it would piss them off something horrid. So go on start the site, if you have the skills to do so, e-mail me I will make a contribution towards screwing them. :)

Comment by Rick, on 3-Aug-2009 13:29

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