Set your own price at Harvey Norman - a tale for consumers

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 4-Feb-2009 17:47

I have recently bought an HDMI TV, then even more recently, got Freeview HD installed, and purchased an upscaling HDMI DVD HDD recorder.

Being that my amp only had s-video switching, I figured an HDMI switching amp was in order.

The cheapest new one I found was a Sony STR-DG520 with a ticket price of $599 at Harvey Norman, and a markdown price of somewhere in the late $400 region (closer to $500 im sure).

I went in at lunchtime today to purchase it, and the markdown price was gone, and only the $599 sticker remained.

I asked if I could get it cheaper, because it was marked down the previous week.

The salesperson asked how much was it last week - and I said I wasnt sure.... maybe late $400's, but that $425 would be a good price - and so she put it through at that!

I was expecting a floor model because of the markdown, but I got a new boxed unit - excellent.

Don't be afraid to haggle at these places - especially if you are paying cash!

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Comment by sbiddle, on 4-Feb-2009 20:07

If you pay the marked price on *anything* at Harvey Norman (or Norman Ross which is owned by them) you ARE getting ripped off. Fair and square. They expect you to haggle.

Before you buy anything from them make sure you are well aware of competitors prices, most of their white stickers on home appliances, TV's etc are a minimum of 10% - 25% more than any other retailer.

They make it look like they have bargains by sticking big A4 special signs up on the item but in reality this normally brings the price back to what other retailers are. Don't be afraid to haggle then down on this.

HN do tend to have good pricing if you haggle. Having said that however Harvey Norman in Lower Hutt lost a 50" Plasma sale off me 2 weeks ago because I couldn't be bothered in dealing with the junior fucktard salesman who was nothing but a menace  - he could drop the price of a TV 5 times (around $800) from the marked price when I started haggling with him and told me that was his best deal. When I told him it was still $200 more than LV Martin, Noel Leeming or DSE's normal list price and that he was spinning me shit he said he would go away and look.

I told him I wasn't interested and walked off which didn't impress him at all.

If you are reading this HN - if you're going to run a business model like you are you need to ensure your salespeople aren't idiots.

Comment by Regs, on 4-Feb-2009 23:50

I bought a run out model of panasonic HD handycam from a noel leeming.  It was on special for $699, reduced from ORP of $1299.  I walked out of the store with the camera for less than $600!

Harvey Norman stores are all franchises so different stores have different policies on how low they will go.  If you dont get what you want at one, try another.  And try noel leeming too!

Comment by chris021, on 5-Feb-2009 08:15

Same at JB-HIfi

Comment by bazzer, on 5-Feb-2009 09:52

It feels like I'm back in Thailand!

Comment by good to salespeople, on 29-May-2009 10:24

we don't expect anyone to haggle it's a bad habit picked up from other cultures and it's a pain in the arse cause some people just keep asking and asking you want to just pass them onto another salesman cause they're wasting your time.bottom line is it's rude. if you're nice to me joke around a bit and here is the important bit- DON'T ASK FOR A DISCOUNT i'm more likely to give you one but if you don't do any ground work and are a complete dick then i'll pucker up tighter than a fish's buthole. is that a bit clearer stoopid hagglers

Comment by RedJungle, on 29-May-2009 10:48

Yup, thanks. Absolutely crystal clear message.. don't shop at Harvey Norman.

Comment by psycik, on 29-May-2009 10:56

This above note seems like this guys own (bad) attitude rather than store policy.  Which I guess happens.  But an attitude like that could be costing their company sles.

Comment by alikat, on 29-May-2009 11:05

I purchased a TV from Harvey Normans recently. It was on "sale" at $1099 at Manukau, $1199 at Pukekohe. I had been to DSE Powerhouse in Manukau earlier in the day and seen the same TV for $879.
I had the smarts to take a PXT of the price tag clearly showing model number and price at DSE. I showed this to the reps at Harvey Normans Pukekohe, and with much discussion, they dropped the price to match. Even though it was below their cost. 
Its not the first time they've matched a DSE price and sold something to me below their cost. I also managed to get a Canon dSLR this way too.

Comment by adamj, on 29-May-2009 12:08

I've never been given a discount by not asking for one. What salesperson is going to give you a discount because you DIDNT ask for one, when they get a high commission the more you pay?! Get real.

Comment by freitasm, on 29-May-2009 16:23

Very clear message, thanks "good to salespeople"... I won't be shopping at Harvey Norman then, if you are the representative of the species...

Comment by devito, on 14-Oct-2009 20:46

harvey norman beat a cellphone price by 30% for me last wk

Comment by devito, on 16-Oct-2009 17:41

just got 5% of a pressure cooker that was already on sale at Norman Ross as well. You have to ask. They can only say no.

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