Customer service 101 - How a retailer can choose to do better than the CGA minimum requirements

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 11-Feb-2009 18:44

Ok, so not strictly geeky, but rudimentary electronic equipment all the same....

Last weekend, I bought a J-Bass (copy) and a 50 watt bass amp from Napiers "Music Machine".

I have been playing acoustic guitar (badly) for about 8 or 9 years now, and really wanted to learn bass.

I discovered that the input jack on my new guitar was faulty - a bit loose, and scratchy connection.

I took it back to the retailer, fully expecting them to take the guitar, and repair it in-house or locally, and get it back to me within a few days.

Instead, the owner (Richie) says "oh hey - we actually have an identical guitar here - we will just swap it out, and get the manufacturer (im sure he meant wholesaler) to deal with the old one."

Most excellent service - well done!

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Comment by n00dy, on 12-Feb-2009 18:05

Dont you love owner operators, make a decision then and there, customer 1st

Comment by GeekAdviser, on 13-Feb-2009 08:55

I had a problem with a Lenovo laptop overheating and Lenovo sent a box out for it to be shipped in. Lenovo paid for shipping both ways. They also had the laptop back to me in 3 days. Very fast turnaround.

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