Poor people dont deserve beachfront property

By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 7-Jun-2006 11:55

Watching breakfast this morning on TV1, talking about the state housing proposals to 'scatter' state houses into high income neighbourhoods, and also to put some state tenants in beachfront properties, then Paul Henry comes on and says the following (which I agree with):

Poor people dont live in beachfront properties or affluent suburbs, because they are poor, and cant afford it. We shouldnt be putting them there. Rich people live there because they are, well, rich, and can afford it.

(Or words to that effect).

I agree 100%, me and my partner are hardworking taxpayers, who also run our own business. We cant afford beachfront property, but no bastard is gonna subsidise me into a more affluent suburb, or a beachfront property - so why the hell should a beneficiary get better living conditions than us?

I would not buy a house in a subdivision that I knew was going to be scattered with HNZ houses. Im not eliteist or anything, but we value the properties we own, and are relying on them to increase in value as much as possible long term so that we can afford to retire one day, without relying on the government.

Housing New Zealand is fcuked, and needs to be redesigned / redeployed from scratch by someone other than government officials.

Of course we could always stop paying our mortgages and going to work, then when we go bankrupt, we will get to move into a nicer house once we are beneficiaries.


P.S. Fire Kay Gregory. She is worse than useless, and drags Paul Henry down. Kay - go and start a cooking and sewing show on CTV or some other regional station. Thanks, ok, bye.

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Comment by Jama, on 7-Jun-2006 12:31

I agree, when I saw this I nearly spat my cornflakes! I know a guy who is a property maintenance manager with HNZ . Some of the stories he has told me about the condition that properties have been left in are absolutely atrocious. Now these are properties owned by you and I as tax payers. The tenants who do this (kick holes in walls and light fires on the lounge floor) have absolutely no respect for you and I. They have their hands out constantly believing that the world owes them. There are people in this country living in state houses earning more than I do and I have to work. Of course I do know and do acknowledge that not all beneficiaries or tenants of state houses are bludging no hopers.

Comment by Taniwha, on 10-Jun-2006 12:53

but.. i do like that Wellington has council flats right in the city, in willis street and taranaki. It means those on low incomes can afford to live next to the CBD, and can easily walk to work. that's prime land, and it's good to see it used thus. you can't put all the the state houses out in porirua or upper hutt, and expecting people to pay the prices to commute to the CBD everyday. but, in Rich neighbourhoods? nah, putting state houses in woburn isn't helping anything.

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