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By tonyhughes Hughes, in , posted: 8-Jun-2006 08:33

This has been on my wishlist for a while (see here), and somehow I missed the release of Google Notes!

The premise is simple - let users take notes on their PC through either a web page, or a little browser extension, then allow access to those notes from any browser.

It works well, the Firefox extension is small and light, and adds an 'open notebook' icon + text in the bottom status bar. When you click it, it asks you to sign into your Gmail account, if you havent already, then pops up a note window, which is always on top. It displays the last few notes, depending on their size, and has an 'add note' button, minimise, maximise and close, and 'actions' to select from New Notebook, Add section heading, Delete selected items, Show notebook list, Go to full page view (this option opens a web page), and help.

Here is the help page for Google Notebook.

Handily, whatever page you are on at the time, you can automatically include a link to in the note you take, which for me is really important. Bookmarks in browsers are worse than useless for me, because I use so many different computers, and operating systems, and simply cant be bothered importing/exporting or otherwise moving bookmarks around. Now I can. Great.

With multiple notebooks capability, you could create the following notebooks:

Personal info
Work Notes
Sites to review

etc etc.

Just another step down Googles path of organising the worlds information, which is fine by me, because im pretty bad at taking care it myself.

You can access the notebook at but it would be nice to see a direct link from within the Gmail interface, as currently from Gmail, you need to click 'more' in the top left corner, 'Labs' in the list off Google products, then 'Google Notebook'.

I suppose thats my answer - its still in Google labs. Expect some changes then, and hopefully integration into Gmail before too long.


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Comment by chiefie, on 8-Jun-2006 11:08

got it installed in my work computer, both on firefox and ie6. real handy! :-D making code-copy real handy! hehhe

Comment by Brenda, on 9-Jun-2006 13:57

i wish there was a mobile version... even better: an offline synced mobile version

Comment by brenda, on 9-Jun-2006 13:59

Actually.. i can't see the advantage over just using your own TiddlyWiki. The disadvantage is Google now own one more big slice of your privacy.

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